“You cannot worry and believe at the same time…” ~ The Quantum Awakening


“You cannot worry and believe at the same time…” ~ The Quantum Awakening

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

It’s time to put on the ruby slippers of belief.  Click them all through time and allow them to escort you into doorways of beliefs that are far greater than any you have held in the past. 

You cannot worry and believe at the same time – those energies cannot hold the same space, the same time, the same frequency.  The energy of flying through the air with the greatest of ease represents what we are being asked to do. 

We all are asked to LET GO of what we have been holding onto so tightly and allow ourselves to freefall from one bar of light to another.  The belief factor has to be 100%.  Nothing less is acceptable.  

When you do not see a solution to what befalls your heart, let the Universe intervene.  Do what you can and trust God, and the Universe to do what you cannot.  You are asked to hold your peace in the mist of the battle, to anchor with the divine certainty that you will arise unscathed.

Believing so deeply and so strongly is not for the weak of heart, weak of light, or weak of purpose.  Stand strong in what lives in your heart.  In the mist of all Hell breaking loose become a living blessing.  Use your light and your heart to bless another.  Bless all that cross your path, become healing and holy, in your life, in your appearance and in your intention. 

Look for ways to be a blessing.  You can never out give God.  Whatever you give, in blessing, in belief, in peace to yourself or another will be given back to you in denominations of completion that outweigh any expectations you have or have not had.  Let the desire of your heart lead you into a place that will help you bypass all that comes to circumvent and circumcise your soul.

It’s time to put a rubber band on life and stretch all that you already have –  in matter,  in things, in intentions, in heart, in light.  Humanity stands still at this intersection of financial confusion.  Everything around them screams, ‘you do not have enough and what you do have I will take from you’.  The price of gas, the price of food, the price of life increases exponentially placing a strangling hold upon the hearts and the belief system of the masses..  As your grandmother once told you add a little water a little flour, put a rubber band on it – stretch what you have.  It is a time of multiplying what you already have not trying to get something new..

Using the example of the food you have in your home, and in your refrigerator at this time.  See that expanding outward.  See your loaf of bread and gallon of milk lasting twice as long.  See every gallon of gas in your car taking you twice as far no matter what the odometer reads.  If you have a need multiply what you have instead of creating anew.

This energy is here to teach you how to expand matter.  How to use what you have instead of coveting what you do not have.  How to make that old dress into something new, that old painting into something more beautiful.  No need to explain how it happens – just believe it is so.

Manifest a lesser price on all items you still do seek in the form of new – ask that the Angels of Sale and the Angels of Light escort you into a place where the costs are lessened by the desire of the business.  you have the ability to make that gallon of gas go one hundred miles if you believe it is so.  That dear child is your gift from the Universe on this glorious day.

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