Weigh Everything Being Said

Weigh Everything Being Said

Posted by Steve Beckow

Gosh, the articles just keep getting harder and harder to write. But they do need to be written and there are things that need to be said.

We’re being joined by more and more new lights – and this is all very, very welcome. But I believe we need to approach the new things that are being said with a goodly dose of discernment, even if they come from people who are, or are identified as being, lightworkers.

Where we hear old-paradigm things being said from lightworkers – threats against the cabal, materialistic statements, inaccurate information about the galactics, vulgar utterances – those kinds of commentary may contain needed or useful information, but the rest of it doesn’t need to be taken up and form part of the new-paradigm culture we’re building.

“Take what you like and leave the rest,” meditation master S.N. Goenka used to say over and over again. Take in the useful and nourishing information and cast aside the rest. Old-paradigm ways are obsolete and won’t be carried forward, whether a darkworker or a lightworker displays them.

Or when we hear ego shining through a lightworker, again just take the needful from it and don’t imitate the egoism. The way to handle the ego is not to act or speak as long as Oilcan Harry or Oilcan Harriet is present. Wait for the ego to die down before speaking or acting.

As soon as the mass arrests start, and no one knows when that will be as far as I’m aware (not really), there will be a need to fill the positions vacated by cabalists with competent lightworkers. SaLuSa and other galactic spokespeople have told us repeatedly that solid candidates are already waiting in the wings and will come forward. So the new slate of voices is already hand-picked and will then provide the leadership and direction we’ll need.

Yes, President Obama is among them so perhaps stop following the line of commentary that was started by the cabal that the President is a darkworker. He is not. He’s been hobbled by the cabalists who surround him.

These new leaders will replace the voices that are speaking now who either haven’t fully embraced the new paradigm of the divine qualities or else retain many vasanas from the deep trauma they’ve been obliged to experience as part of their life contracts.

In this interim period, when some of the voices raised are part this and part that, do weigh each statement said. Estimate what’s improbable and what not, implausible, impossible, contradictory, inconsistent, etc.  Then ask your heart or inner voice (same thing) what it thinks. That’s your Higher Self speaking.

And make up your mind on the basis of what the internal and external evidence says. Whatever you do, don’t act like a lemming and just follow the herd. This is not the time for herd behavior, I think.

Once the mass arrests start, all will be chaos in the world. The first and most important step for us to take is to hold onto our calmness and balance. So, if you find yourself in extremity, remember that the very best contribution you can make is to work your way back to your center and then start again.

Whatever “starting again” means or involves for you, it’s essential to be back in your center before embarking on it.

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