Just Watch the Signposts as They Go By. – Michael Channeled by Ron Head

Just Watch the Signposts as They Go By. – Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

Today we will speak of the notion of the fleeting passage of time. Time is a construct that you have invented in order to experience changes as if they are not in existence at their inception. Your concept of linear time has been very useful in allowing you to learn,
and in protecting you from the consequences of instant manifestation. It has allowed you to make changes to the things you have created unconsciously.

As you become more and more conscious and your frequencies increase, your experience of the rapid passage of time will increase and the need for your current experience will lessen. When your awareness allows you to see the consequences of your thought, you will, as a matter of course, make better decisions. Expanded awareness will allow you to see the effect on all involved of your intent. More aware presence will be required of you, but that is a large part of what you are developing at the present time. Many things that your former selves spent lifetimes developing in the lower vibrations will be returning to you now. You will find that they were always a part of your true beings from your beginning. In many cases, you may not experience immediate and explosive appearance of your “super powers”. You do not give power tools or automobiles to your children and neither do we. Better you learn to use them gradually. You will find, however, that your nearness to others who have some use of them will make it easier for you.

There are those of you who truly have no knowledge of, or desire for, such things yet, and that is perfectly fine. When their life path needs these things, they will find them. For those others of you, patience is recommended. Now is the time your consciousness is expanding into your full self. It took thousands of years for you to reach this point, surely you can make this last little part of your journey enjoyable. The end is in sight. Just watch the signposts as they go by.

We see the community of souls growing and becoming closer. We see the love between you being nurtured and cherished. This, as much as anything, is raising you and all about you into the shift you so desire. Continue on your course, dearest ones, and soon you will experience the world you have longed for.

Tomorrow we will speak again. Good day.

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