Video Evidence of Troops Moving in for Arrests


Video Evidence of Troops Moving in for Arrests

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Under cover of ‘training exercises’, U.S. Military troops have been witnessed and videotaped moving into many US cities including St. Louise, Missouri, Miami, Florida, Denver Colorado, and Bangor, Maine, often conducting ‘residential’ training exercises in preparation for the mass arrests of the members of the criminal cabal. (It is interesting to note that Maine possesses no military bases whatsoever, but what Maine does boast is the palatial family compound of the Bush family.)

Interestingly, at 5:30 of our video, a very intriguing scene is caught on tape. Local news teams, residents and tourists of Coconut Grove, Florida, just miles from downtown Miami, were notified training exercises would be conducted throughout the area. Late that evening, helicopters, planes, troops, and very real explosions followed by raids highlighted by soldier’s rappelling down ropes from a helicopter were videotaped by local news teams, authentic looking enough to fool local residents who, after witnessing helicopter mounted Gatling guns being fired, lit up the phone lines at Miami Dade Police Headquarters. Could this wild scene only be a training exercise, conducted in the middle of the night instead of sometime earlier in the day, in the middle of a heavily populated major U.S. city when thousands of other locations are available? Are these really blanks echoing through the night sky of the city, or were these exercises actual raids and arrests of cabal members, a scenario which may certainly better fit this evidence. No matter if we are witnessing training exercises or actual raids, there can be little doubt what these military buildups are all about, and that is the apprehension of the members of the criminal cabal.

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