Validation ~ A Crucial Read


Validation ~ A Crucial Read

From AmericanNationalMilitia

CRUCIAL for all those seeking answers to the engineering of the global banking/economy meltdown.

Please see/read, esp.the 1963 docs. enclosed (note all ultimately signed 1 wk. before JFK assassination).A crucial read, in view of current events having global cartel teetering on the brink of total banking, etc. takeover. It is also key to know that the Vatican bank was/is used by CIA to funnel fund$$ to political puppets, mercenaries mascarading as ‘demonstrators/protestors’ who morph into ‘rebels..then freedom fighters… current scenario…in Syria..the Free Syria Army’.

A must read (see the documentary) is “The Man Nobody Knew’ on CIA’s William Colby, by his son. Very enLIGHTening ..from $$ conduits to Vietnam assassination programs). Colby told the truth, was removed by Nixon, who then put George Bush I in charge of CIA. [later alegedly murdered just before retirement – wanted to reveal ETs. ~J]

Another must read to connect the dots is “Murder in the Vatican” by Lucien Gregoire (on the strange death of Pope John Paul I, who ordered a complete accounting of the Vatican bank and of all the Vatican’s treasures, on his first day in office, and died 33 days later.)

And absolutely read ‘The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power”, by Jeff Sharlet.

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