The Use of Fear and How We Are Winning Despite It!!

The Use of Fear and How We Are Winning Despite It!!

New Message from Matthew 1 March 2012

By: Suzanne Ward

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is
Matthew. There is such diverse and fervent activity in your world, even
lightworkers may find it difficult to connect all the dots that show
the light is subverting the dark ones’ efforts at every turn. It is
heartening that many of you have correctly discerned that the Illuminati
are using the only tactic left in their arsenal: fear. The talks about
preemptive strikes against Iran to prevent that country’s possibility
of producing a nuclear weapon; the possibility of a terrorist attack on
New York City; the possibility of another devastating earthquake in
Japan; the possibility that North Korea may become sufficiently menacing
to cause war in Southeast Asia.

2. From our vantage point that permits viewing the collective
consciousness, we know that few are buying into those scenarios, none of
which is part of Earth’s destiny. Even those who still are slumbering
insofar as understanding that these moments at hand are fast leading to
Earth’s Golden Age are aiding the light by refusing to live in fear of

3. Nevertheless, let us insert at this point a reader’s question:
“Fear can be directed positively, so why do you keep saying that we must
stay out of fear?” We say “stay out of fear” because its magnified
energy prevents light from reaching consciousness, thereby keeping
individuals mired in third density, unable to evolve spiritually and
intellectually. Fear precludes sound reasoning, common sense, logical
questioning and the will to rise up against tyranny and corruption—that
is why puppets of the dark forces were able to control the peoples of
Earth for many millennia. The dark ones “feed” on the energy of
fear—without it, they cannot exist!

4. It is with elation that we see fear subsiding in the collective
consciousness, but it’s as potent as ever on an individual basis.
Through the universal law of attraction, the energy of fearful
individuals goes out into the universe and attracts matching energy;
like a boomerang it returns and brings with it still more fearful
circumstances for the person to deal with. Anyone who is “courting” fear
in the belief that it can be directed positively is playing with fire.
It would be confusing that powerful negative energy with its more
powerful opposite: the positivity of living steadfastly in the light,
which gives rise to the self-confidence, spiritual strength, courage,
wise judgment and determination that can overcome hardships encountered.

5. It is true that billions are living in fearful conditions that are
harsher or of longer duration than they needed to complete those
aspects of their soul contracts. It is in these instances that
contracts are amended at soul level so those persons can leave Earth
lifetimes before finishing other karmic provisions, and by divine grace,
they are credited with full completion of third density karma. In
other instances, the original contract calls for a short lifetime in
those dire circumstances—that is enough to balance other lifetimes, and
the souls move forward in spiritual evolvement. In both cases, the dual
benefits are that the fear energy formerly on the planet is gone and
those souls are beaming their light from Nirvana to Earth….

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