The Uniqueness of You

The Uniqueness of You

Author: Unknown

Quite fantastic to believe indeed! That this world so filled with
negativity, brimming with pollution of every sort, with so many
ensconced in a dream which is neither sustainable nor true, is about to
be charged, changed and perfected in every way? That the seemingly
irreversible tide of greed, taking and negativity, is about to be
vanquished, never to be heard from again, and that little ole’ you, play
a huge role in this magical unfolding of this Divine plan? Then try to
imagine that you have been part of the heavenly planning party, who
perceived this magical plan, undaunted by the scope of this undertaking,
mapped out the path to this end and then volunteered to be right here
right now, to assure its’ success. Then imagine agreeing to forget your
role before entering the heavy and burdensome density of third
dimensional life, to make rediscovering your role even more difficult,
yet far more rewarding? Who would leave the heavenly and trouble free
confines of the higher realms; a state of abundance, unconditional love,
peace, prosperity, serenity and the knowing of your source, to forget
all, to risk losing yourself in the dense fog of temptations, false
prophets and duality? Who would do that? Who is so selfless, to perform
such a noble act for the good of others? You would, and you did!

I know you don’t remember me, but I remember you. I was the one
standing in line behind you in heaven before this life began, listening
in awe as you detailed your qualifications and laid out your plan to
come to Earth in this magical moment in time, to help to awaken others
to their Divine purpose; to aid in the proliferation of light. I, and
all others listened to, and were in awe of you, as you spoke with such
eloquence, certainty and conviction of your dedication and determination
to make of this life the last life for all, lived in darkness, duality
and disease. As we listened to you, our lights shone ever brighter, for
certain were we, that joined in this mission a soul as wondrous and
magnificent as you, aiding and gifting your light to this project, our
success was guaranteed….

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