Twelve Insight ~ There Is No Objective Reality


Twelve Insight ~ There Is No Objective Reality

By ~Twelve

Twelve Insight | August 12 2012

When you begin to realize that your world is subject to your thoughts rather than vice versa, you will understand just how much you belong here. You are not outside of this world. You’re not an independent observer. There is no such thing as objective reality because there are no objective observers. You are in the mix and you are vibrating constantly. And your every vibration alters the shape of the physical life experience that is forming around you.

This physical universe is dependent upon you being there to observe it. You give it the form. You provide the matrix around which source energy forms itself. You are the grid. You are so much more than you think yourself to be.

“Well then Twelve,” you may ask, “if I’m so in charge, then how did this all get so much out of control?”

And we say it is simply because you did not know the power of your own mind-body; your imagination as creator, and your emotions as your alignment indicator. You are magnificent, living, thriving creators immersed on the leading edge of the glorious expansion of All That Is. And if you’ll allow your natural joy to emerge, allow it to be easy, that mess will clean itself right up. When you realize your Spirit, your broader nonphysical self connected with Source, has everything under control, then you will recognize that all that other stuff, that out-of-control stuff, is none of your business anyway. Someone else is creating all that.

There have been few times more exciting than these. (The very beginning was quite thrilling.) You are all awakening together into the realization that your world is a dream, and that you are the dreamer. And now that you know, you can choose to be awake within this dream. And when you are awake within the dream you discover that you direct all the elements of the dream. You are in relationship with all the elements within the dream. So it is with your natural world. Awake and allow, relax and enjoy.

You are adored and your world adores you. The fairies and the angels of the Universe are lined up to assist you.


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