The Time For Disclosure Is Close At Hand ~ Galactic Federation of Light 3/2/12

The Time For Disclosure Is Close At Hand ~ Galactic Federation of Light 3/2/12

As Channeled Through Greg Giles

A very restricted plan is unfolding whereby our ships of the Galactic
Commands will rendezvous with certain members of your societies as well
as certain members of your media. You may construe this as ‘landings’,
and you may not. The term ‘mass landings’ has been used from time to
time by some of you, but what does a ‘mass landing’ signify precisely?
We of the Galactic Federation of Light have a great deal of ships
orbiting your world at this time and we also have many ships stationed
and on patrol throughout this solar system. If we were to land all of
our ships or even a large percentage of our ships at one time, this
could be perceived as an invasion by those who are yet uninformed of our
peaceful intent and by those of you who are allowing the emotion of
fear to consume you.

Our plans in the near future are to work personally with many selected
individuals of your world to perform the necessary tasks to prepare your
planet for ascension into the higher realms. We would not describe this
part of the overall operation as ‘mass landings’, but it will be
necessary to direct a number of our ships to ground-level. We do need to
rendezvous with those that will be working with us, and we will also be
required to navigate some of our ships close to ground-level in order
to perform some of the tasks essential for the advancement of your
world. Do you see the difference dear ones? Know that when we say to you
that we will be working with many of you personally that we mean just
that, and nothing or no one will interfere with this plan as it is a
necessary step on your way to ascension.

How many of our ships will be navigating throughout your skies is a
question that will be answered in the days ahead, and you will not have
to take anyone’s word on this as you will all be able to devise a rough
estimate by totaling the number of sightings, and you will also be able
to begin to recognize some of our ships according to size and shape as
many of our ships are quite distinctive from some of the others.

How many of you will be working with us is another question that will soon
be answered, and we tell you today that we are already making our
selections of who we feel would be positive additions to our teams and
who have also earned their opportunity. How these opportunities are
earned are up to you to answer for yourselves, although we will say to
you that our workplace is not very different from many of your working
environments in your world, only the nature of some of our work may not
be what many of you have ever experienced.

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