Take Down Time!! ~ Bix Weir…”Take Down of the Federal Reserve System Begins”

Bix Weir…”Take Down of the Federal Reserve System Begins”

By Kauilapele
Posted on April 18, 2012

Someone emailed this to me, and I found it supportive of all the information coming out from Drake, David Wilcock, et al., about coming events. And he includes the video that was shown in this post. He added this in the email:

“I’ve been knee deep in analysis lately but wanted to get this article out ASAP. Watch Ron Paul come back into the limelight chasing this issue down! All is on target and going according to plan. We are CLOSE to being free once again!”

Thanks to Bix Weir at www.RoadtoRoota.com.


Take Down of the Federal Reserve System Begins, by Bix Weir

In an interview last weekend the “Good Guy Insider” gave a brief update on the pending take down of the Bad Guys. In this interview Drake said to expect something to be leaked out of the Federal Reserve sometime midway through the week. Here’s the interview and the Drake conversation is right at the beginning:

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomizerradio/2012/04/15/freedom-reigns [KP note: go here to download MP3s of this program from this blog]

So I was watching for something related to the Federal Reserve and AS IF RIGHT ON CUE revelations came out about the Fed hiding massive amounts of information on their meetings during the 2008 financial crisis. Here’s Dylan Ratigan (part of the Good Guys) exposing the info.

I will address this further in this weeks Friday Road Trip…..

Watch Video & Read Full Article Here:   http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/bix-weir-take-down-of-the-federal-reserve-system-begins/


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