Sybra of Sirius. A Plea For Compassion From The Galactic Federation Of Light. By. AuroRa Le. May 4, 2012.

Sybra of Sirius. A Plea For Compassion From The Galactic Federation Of Light. May 4, 2012.

By. AuroRa Le

Greetings, Beloveds, I am Sybra of Sirius; Elder of The Council of the Venus Ray and Messenger of Light, in service to the Divine Mother. Today, however, I step away from the ladies of The Council and speak with you in yet another of my roles – that of an officer and representative of The Galactic Federation of Light. The message I bring at the behest of my Brethren will be simple and to the point, as such is the preferred manner of those under whom I serve.

This day begins an era of unprecedented change. Yes, Dear Ones, this is the very change for which you have been working and praying for so tirelessly. Rest assured, your prayers have been heard. Observe the 5th of May and all that it signifies. There is the brilliant “Supermoon” and the rare transit of Venus as she passes gently between the Sun and the Earth. Then the eclipses, the solar, and then the lunar on the 4th of June. Think about it, truly do. Consider carefully the immensity of the changes such a close succession of significant events may make manifest! This is the Ascension. It is here and it is happening now.

Much has been written about the strength and beauty of the incoming energies. With them come a plethora of gifts for humanity. A further partying of the veil, DNA expansion, waves of nourishing light for the as yet unenlightened, the opening of the portals, The Mother’s love… All of this and so much more. You who read these words are the carriers out of The Mother’s mission. You already know what is occurring and that there is more yet to transpire. You are strong and resilient and you are aware of the armada of support that stands fast by your side. You do not fear the potency of these days. You relish the change. You draw it into your reality. For you know with quiet assurance that your success, and that of the Earth, are as good as done. You stand beneath a canopy of Truth, with your brother Michael’s sword and shield raised up in this Truth’s defense. Yet sadly, it is not so clear to all who dwell upon your planet. While you grow mighty in the coming days, so they shall become more fearful and confused and less sure of their place in this – the world they once found so safe and predictable, a world they believed they thrived within. Do you see where I go with this? This energy will not feel good to everyone. Consider a pair of shoes which are too tight or a mixture of foods that do not sit well in the stomach, fingers scratching on a chalkboard. They will recoil from these sweet energies as a thing to be feared, a defilement of their carefully constructed status quo. They shall feel cast adrift, poor souls, and shall need assistance – your assistance – to make it back to shore. I speak not only of the old forces, but of your friends and neighbors and members of your family. Fear must be contained, extinguished, at this crucial time. Rampant fear does nobody any good, and there will be much to trigger it in the coming months for those who have chosen to ignore the warning signs and hold fast to their outmoded ideals. Institutions shall crumble and new ways of living are set to be ushered in. You must take the hand of your brothers and sisters and show them the way. You must remain in a state of non-judgement and impartiality at all times. You must reach deep within yourselves and find your own vast stores of kindness and compassion, and when this runs dry, call to your Mother. She shall see to it that you have all the love that you need. You must be her shining example, the living embodiment of patience and compassion…

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