From Steve Beckow… “Drama, Chaos and Catastrophe ”… “Remain Calm and Balanced”

From Steve Beckow… “Drama, Chaos and Catastrophe ”… “Remain Calm and Balanced”

By Steve Beckow

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Had to post this one. It embodies so much of what I, and many of us here, know. The sky is NOT falling, the world is NOT going to implode, or explode, or de-plode, and no, every single moving thing in the solar system is NOT going to hit the Earth (individually or all at the same time). The cabal is NOT going to have a ball anymore at our expense. And our Pacific Ocean over here is NOT going to suddenly rise up and wash away every single continent on the face of the Earth.

That may sound like great “fear-citement” to some, but pardon, that is not my party.


Drama, Chaos and Catastrophe
by Steve Beckow, July 5, 2012

I wish I could share all that I’m hearing but much of it is confidential. All of it is good, however. It will be shared as soon as it’s safe to release and it is not safe to do so at the moment. But on the basis of it I can make the following remarks, which I feel are necessary to be said and hopefully will prove reassuring to us.

My remarks particularly concern several matters related to the human aspect of the operations underway. It’s funny because I’m almost discussing this as if I were addressing a small group. In a certain sense, we as readers and editors of this site are still a small group, in terms of the whole world. And as lightworkers, as well – a small group. But like the leaven in the loaf, our influence is out of all proportion to our size.

In concert with other lightworkers, whether producers of the InLight Radio programs which Graham Dewyea is the source of or else editors of the 2012 Scenario, we’ve been discussing the human aspect of the planetary cleansing of the cabal’s influence as well as the lightworker aspect of channeled communication.

We’ve become aware gradually of the fact that we commonly agree that we’re working to balance off or neutralize several tendencies within the human group’s response to events and I’d like to discuss those with you, if you’ll allow me.

But perhaps I should phrase the discussion personally rather than suggesting that it comes from the whole group. It doesn’t come from the whole group. It’s my own perspective, as tempered and influenced by discussions with the group.

So let me say that my own resolve as a result of hearing the views of the whole group is to see that my own work, my own journalism, serves as a counter-weight to the tendency among some human lightworkers to lend support to the following matters.


Drama means the tendency to prefer to communicate in ways that favor the extremes of emotion and language. We saw in a recent channeled communication from “Micah” a tendency to use exclamation marks liberally. We’ve heard from others an almost rabble-rousing call to arms, the suggestion that we need to keep our weapons at the ready, and that we’ll fight to the death of defend freedom.

This kind of rhetoric, I feel speaking personally, is not in our best interest and, as far as my own editorial work goes on this blog and for Graham’s radio shows, my tendency will be to try to counteract it.

At the same time I don’t wish to make bad and wrong those who engage in drama. Some hold very responsible positions but just haven’t reached the point in their own growth where they’ve finished with drawing attention to themselves or wanting to feel that they have the power to work the masses up to a frenzy.

But, given the anxiety-producing effects of some of the events that lie ahead of us, I don’t feel we have the luxury any more to engage in drama and so I will be looking for every means to maintain a calm and balanced mental and emotional state. And I suppose I just want that to be known.


There is a similar tendency among some people to love and foster chaos. I’m not sure why. But to be able to say that everything is going to hell in a handbasket for some reason appeals to some people.

They may say that the economy is going down the toilet or that society is falling apart and that it’s time to become a survivalist. They may say that the government can’t get anything right or that the celestials, galactics and Earth allies can’t agree on anything.

In fact things are not going to hell in a handbasket. The economy is being brought to a standstill and its Illuminati foundations being removed. But that is carefully planned to be succeeded by a new, fairer and more beneficial economy, that’s already being introduced at some levels.

Survivalism is the epitome of dualistic separation and is not what is necessary or desirable at this time. Sharing and collective compassion is what’s wanted and needed and has nothing to do with survivalism.

The elements of the government that are run by the Illuminati can’t get anything right as far as the people they wanted to enslave are concerned. But the elements of the government controlled by the white hats can and soon will be the totality of the government. So undermining confidence in government per se is not a useful thing to do.

And the celestials, galactics and Earth allies may not agree on some things. What they are doing for us is a huge effort, larger than anything we’ve ever seen in human history. The leadership of the Company of Heaven operates on many dimensions. I’m not sure if we fully grasp that fact. If people are even able to grasp that there are dimensions (which in itself is a relatively new thought for most human beings), they still may think there is only the Third, Fourth and Fifth Dimensions.

They may assume, for instance, that Ashtar is a Fifth-Dimensional being, when in fact he comes from a dimension higher than the human kingdom, he has said. Or Sanat Kumara or many of the ascended masters. I think we need to admit that we don’t really know the full story of these beings. And that does not even touch the full story of the angels or the beings beyond them.

Just as we don’t come near to understanding the way a Fifth-Dimensional being thinks and acts, so too higher-dimensional beings may not have a full appreciation of how, say, the highest universal councils act or may not be fully privvy to information that, say, the celestials have. Or they may have divided their jurisdictions and fields of functional competence.

So I think we have to acknowledge that we don’t understand how the Company of Heaven operates and it may not be productive to project our ignorance to try to capture what they are doing by way of bringing us to Ascension or how they are doing it.

So I just ask us to remain humble here perhaps and allow that things are happening beyond our comprehension.


The third aspect that we need to handle with care and be very circumspect about is a line of discussion that centers around catastrophe. I continually hear from people that I’d have thought had more wisdom around the subject that solar flares threaten to take us down or Niburu has been sighted around the Sun or the big surf is coming and will take out Los Angeles. I’m actually just making this up but name your favorite catastrophe. Yellowstone erupting. Fukushima turning us all into jellyfish. Whatever.

Taking what Adamu said the other day about Project Bluebeam (1) and applying it here, do we really think that a higher-dimensional fleet of galactics from many dimensions and far-flung reaches of the cosmos have come here to ease our passage into a higher dimension and are going to allow everything to be defeated because a rogue wave comes and swamps the continental United States? Or Bangladesh sinks under an earthquake? Or a volcano goes off that fractures Indonesia and places the world in a kind of nuclear winter?

These things will not happen. The galactics will not allow it, any more than they allowed a nuclear Third World War, a worldwide pandemic or any of the other circumstances that they have prevented over the years. Give Matthew Ward a break. The poor man has had to repeat himself endlessly over the years, saying there will be NO world war, no pandemic, no catastrophe for the world. I’m sure he gets weary from it.

Sooner or later we have to get it and relax on these scores.

And we may also need to relax on subjects like Internet censorship, unfair health care regulations, the implanting of chips in us, etc.

Relax, everyone, relax. Calm down. These things are not going to happen.

I could go on and look at other areas too, but perhaps I’ve made my point.

It’s desirable that we remain calm and balanced, given what we may need to go through. It’s desirable that we not allow ourselves to go to extremes any more, personally or socially. It’s desirable that we not exaggerate or lapse into self-serving and separative thought or conduct. And it’s desirable that we realize the safety that the galactics bring us by their presence and cease thinking the world is going to end.

Surely we have seen that while the boulder is rolling downhill for the cabal, as Archangel Michael said recently, our sun is rising for us. Gradually and gently we are watching our bodies change, our mental and emotional wellbeing increase, and our social situation in the world blossom. Surely we can see the trend. And surely we can feel safe enough by now to trust that things will indeed work out. And not only work out, but be magnificent.

It’s time to let go of fear and embrace love, in all respects and in all its aspects.

We’re coming home. We’re safe among those who are here and safe with each other. And we can now acknowledge that and draw together in love, peace and harmony. It is time and it is safe to do so.

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