What Your Spirit Does When You Aren’t Sleeping

What Your Spirit Does When You Aren’t Sleeping

Author By ash ye ash ye

The fact of the matter is, you are entering a new world when you
sleep. You descend the spiral stair case into the frequency that your
Pineal Gland resonates on, and your DNA was birthed from.

Basically, when you are not sleeping your spirit is still there doing
things that you would normally do as a human. You’re in two worlds! One
world is a dream state induced by activation of the Pineal Gland,
resonating on the highest frequency. The other world is the Pineal Gland
Resonating on the lowest frequency. Both worlds are influenced by
receptors. For the low frequency, the GABA receptor is the main
frequency; which uses the CANNABINOID SYSTEM as a retrograde frequency.
In other words, you have two main neurotransmitters that cause a
frequency in thePineal Gland! The Gaba does the inhibiting effect while
Cannabinoid system reverses it through retrograde signaling. The
combined result is your consciousness while awake. The main system while
sleeping is the Serotonin system. DMT AND MELATONIN being the main
molecules which allow activation and resonating on the highest

You are more then you can imagine, you have A SPIRIT AND ALSO A HUMAN
BODY. Who know’s which is the real state to exist in? Both bring
purpose and reason. Both are real and both have beauty. When you enter
the dream world, you are only viewing a portion of what is happening
behind the veil.
You are transported to the spiritual realm when you are sleeping, you
can call anyone from there and they can appear. Likewise, all the
people you meet there are alive in the real realm, you just have to know
how to find them. They will only know you are dreaming about them if
you let them KNOW THAT..

The spiritual realm is a perfect place to exist, where you have a
life and do normal things. But it depends on what type of spirit you
have as to what you do in the spiritual realm.

The spiritual realm is based off of what your PHYSICAL BODY does in
the real realm with a higher frequency. You have less time to think and
less time to react to stimuli because you are entering a state in which
your Pineal Gland does most of the work. You mostly just feel the
presence and know.

This is the way the spiritual realm works. First you must enter it
know you are awake and dreaming, then you are automatically placed into a
form which suits what you normally function as. This suit is made from
your soul, it is what you normally are, because you are taking that form
in the real realm. Once there you can act as you normally do in the
real realm or you can act as a spirit in the spiritual realm. (Such as
floating through walls and flying)…

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