An Old Soul’s Guide to Spirit Helpers in the New Time

An Old Soul’s Guide to Spirit Helpers in the New Time
By DL Zeta

April 6, 2012

We have much help here on Earth.

Legions of guides, light beings and angel helpers inhabit the
multi-dimensional realm of the unseen. Because they exist beyond the
physical, they are able to guide us through times of spiritual
transformation and to assist when our soul ventures into other realms.
Much has been said of our otherworldly guides and we will not expand on
that here for there is another type of helper that we wish to speak

Spirit Helpers as Aspects of our own Consciousness

For our purposes here we will draw a distinction between our
otherworldly guides and those that are advanced facets of our own
consciousness. In the course of our journey here, we are many – made up
of many facets that sparkle and reflect light in various degrees and
forms. Some aspects of our consciousness awaken and come online to enter
a mastery phase quicker than others. Recognizing other aspects still in
need of guidance and assistance, these spirit helpers set about guiding
us through our needed understandings.

Spirit Helpers Accelerate Ascension

When one of our aspects awakens, the course of our ascension is
accelerated and the path cleared for other parts of our consciousness to
enter the awakening phase.

These spirit helpers are anchored to the physical through our own
being yet they largely exist in other timeframe dimensions. These
aspects serve the purpose of bridging us into greater communion with our
soul and higher self. As a bridging entity, they exist in both realms
and are accessible to us as we go about our daily lives.

Old Souls are Here to Anchor the New Time

Old souls especially have numerous spirit helpers. These souls are
incarnated at this time to help bridge humanity into the new time. To
assist with this transition, they arrived here with a full complement of
spirit helpers that help bridge them to their higher self. As above, so

Our wise and knowing spirit helpers have understandings that are
relevant to the world we currently inhabit by virtue of resonance and
spiritual lessons. Some of these aspects are incarnated into other
timeframes, while others are younger aspects from our current lifetime.
Some are from our future both from within this lifetime and beyond.

Spirit Helpers bring Glimpses of other Timelines

It is easy to tell when our spirit helpers are speaking to us. These
are times when we glimpse ourselves moving along an alternate timeline.
The timelines revealed to us are realities compatible with our soul
contract for this lifetime…..

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