You are showing yourselves to be master surfers. – Michael Channeled by Ron Head

You are showing yourselves to be master surfers. – Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

This morning we shall speak about the energies which are being ramped up once again during this new moon. Already you are feeling the effects as this moment approaches. Your ability to utilize these frequencies is, and will be, increasing, both for your consciousness and your physical well-being.

You may want to employ images of feeding these energies to your cells and your DNA to aid them in using these frequencies in their rejuvenation and regeneration. Perhaps you may want to envision repairing your DNA itself. You may wish to feel it flowing to all parts of your consciousness, as well. If, in your mind’s eye, you see a color, such as violet, blue, rose, or gold, allow it to infuse everything. Expand its reach as far as possible. Whatever color you may see, if any at all, is being sent in order to fill a particular function for you at the time.DNA,

Now would be an ideal time for you to envision expanding and improving your awareness as much as possible. This is in alignment with the purpose of the moment. The galactic alignment which is coming into play has a purpose of awakening awareness for all creation in this ‘neighborhood’. We hope you will avail yourselves as fully as you are able of the opportunity. Understand that these changes will be made, in any case. But you are able to greatly increase their rapid effect if you so choose.

We would suggest breathing the feelings and the colors into every corner of your being and then allowing them to expand far out beyond what you think of as yourselves, especially down into your dear mother, Earth. Meet each breath with gratitude and love. If you are intending any changes, or releasing anything, now is a good time to do that, as well. Allow the flow to clear, change, and strengthen you. Reinforce all of your dreams for your new selves. Then you may want to envision all of the changes you dream for the world of the coming age and let the energy build and reinforce them also….

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