Soul ~ Shimmering Ones 28 February 2012

Shimmering Ones 28 February 2012

Channel: Karen Doonan

Dear ones we are here to guide and to support as the energies now heighten and that which
has been hidden in plain view becomes more visible for you. We are the Shimmering Ones
and we are here to guide you in matters of the heart, for when you begin to clear the heart you
allow your vision to clear. Do you understand our analogy?

Movement out of the mind can be tricky for many humans as the heart calls for what is within
the heart. Do you believe the teachings of distortion that encourage you to stay out of the
heart, to use it as a storage locker for all the hurt and trauma that you may have experienced
as your SOUL expands and grows or do you allow TRUTH to show you that the heart is the
key to the SOUL and is where the SOUL resides?

The SOUL of many humans now cries out louder so that you may hear, do you hear the cries
of your SOUL? Do you FEEL the niggle that lets you know that that which you live and that
which you believe is not quite right? For to be in flow and to be connected to the SOUL is to
live in peace and harmony not only with others but with SELF. Do you live at peace with

Many are endlessly searching to fill the void that they believe exists within their BEing, all that
is missing dear ones is connection with the SOUL for the SOUL is the source of all knowledge,
all lives that have been lived in all timelines and dimensions reside within the SOUL, it is akin
to turning on a tap and letting the water flow when connection has been made. To fill your mind
will facts, with information leaves the heart empty for the heart has no place for that which is
taught on planet earth. The heart yearns to connect with the SOUL and allow the music to play
once more, can you hear your note dear ones? Do you recognize the song that you SOUL is
trying to sing to you?

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