Sentinels Message May 14, 2012 ~ Through Karen Doonan

Sentinels Message May 14, 2012

Through Karen Doonan

We come to guide and support as the energies now shift and change and the veils once more are dissolved for those who wish them to BE. We are here to guide and never to lead and we guide that free will is for ALL.

Those who do not wish to see the NEW will not see the new for the wishes of SELF are paramount. We guide most strongly that that you wish to experience, that which you send out to ALL that IS is what is returned manifold.

The mirrors are in use across planet earth and we guide many are using these mirrors to redirect the energies of those who are around them. To move in circles is not to expand and to grow for to move in circles is to stay within the boundaries created by the BEings who sought to contain and suppress the human race. Do you resonate with our words? Do you understand the meaning and the use of mirrors within your human life experience?

Mirrors are used frequently to distract, akin to BEing in fair ground and playing with images those who seek to contain and suppress YOUr BEing use the tricks of the mirrors to confuse and to suppress SELF. Do you understand our guidance?

We ask for ALL to look to the mirrors and to what is shown in those mirrors, for that which is reflected is not YOU, it may be an aspect of human behavior but KNOW it is not SOUL, it is not YOU in the purest form.

Many are able to understand our words and our guidance but detach from the work involved in challenging the view that is seen within these mirrors. Many accept the reflections without question. Question and re question dear ones, for TRUTH is hidden in full view of ALL…

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