Senior Citizen Arrested and Tortured…

Senior Citizen Arrested and Tortured…



65-Year-Old “Milk Man”Arrested, Imprisoned and
Tortured in California

Hi _______, California used to have a reputation as a state that promotes a
healthy lifestyle. A perfect place to spend one’s golden years.

But recent reports out of the golden state paint a different picture. reported in March 2012 that 65 year-old James Stewart of Los Angeles County was thrown in jail for 10 days of living hell.

They didn’t allow him to call anyone, not even a lawyer.

His jail cell had no heating. He became so cold at one point he couldn’t stop shaking.

For 2 days raw sewage flooded his cell floor.

They starved him and forced medical tests on him including a chest x-ray while still handcuffed.

His crime? Delivering milk.

Okay, it was RAW milk. You know, the all-natural kind.

We reported this story on our EVG Facebook page back in March.

The story seemed so hard to believe that some of
our Facebook followers didn’t think it was a legitimate story.

So the EVG Research team did a little digging.

Turns out the story is a little more complicated
than just delivering raw milk, but the details won’t make you feel any

See the real story about James Stewart is that…

Government Authorities Targeted
Him for Being a “Sovereign Citizen”

In the United States, “sovereign
citizenship” is an underground movement. Its adherents do not carry any
government-issued identification.

A sovereign citizen refuses to use postal codes or street addresses.

And because they consider themselves “sovereign,” they don’t pay taxes or recognize government authority.

As you can imagine, the US government doesn’t like sovereign citizens.

The problem is, James Stewart is not a “sovereign citizen.” Not even close.

He’d never heard of the term until the FBI agents questioned him about it.

He’s always paid his taxes. He carries a valid driver’s license. He has no prior criminal history.

All they had on him was his affiliation with a raw
food network and his association with an organic farmer who had some
legal problems of her own.
That was their “proof” he was an anti-government bad guy.

The message is clear:

Anyone Who Lives Off the Grid,Grows Their Own Food and Owns Guns
Is Now a Target of the Government

It’s all about control.

People who are self-sufficient don’t need the government.

They can survive just fine without anyone telling
them how they should live, and the government HATES that.

They fear losing control of the people.

As economic conditions become worse, so will the fear the government has of losing control.

A country desperate for money is dangerous. It will
resort to previously unheard of policies to keep control over its

Like harassing innocent citizens for living out their own version of freedom….

Your Partner in Prosperity,

The EVG Research Team


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