SBY Remove Mandate 57 147 tonnes of gold Bung Karno Under The Green Hilton Agreement

Gold Bung Karno

SBY Remove Mandate 57 147 tonnes of gold Bung Karno Under The Green Hilton Agreement

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C K Rich:  Although there are many grammatical errors and broken English in this article, there is loads of supporting information that backs what we have been posting from ‘Anonymous Source‘.  If someone out there is actually successful with these certificates, I would appreciate you contacting me through this blog.

14 November 1963 you could say thanks to your sacred historic agreement between the two most charismatic president in that era.

Indonesian President Sukarno – known as Ahmed Sukarno abroad – The Green Hilton agreed to sign the Agreement with U.S. President John F Kennedy.

With great pride Sukarno to hand over about 57,147 tons of pure 24 karat gold to the State Treasury. That’s a national treasure and supposedly deposit / mandate of the kingdoms of Asia.

1967 declared illegal by the U.S. government, but unfortunately on 24 November 1963 and Kennedy had been killed in 1965 Sukarno was ousted from the palace. President Johnson, Kennedy’s successor, to cancel the agreement. That print agreement with the gold backing the dollar. Since then the fate of 57, 147 tonnes of gold is very mysterious, stuck in the power of the Fed (Federal Reserve) U.S. central bank.

Because of the secretive and mysterious until there are no specific entry in the “wikipedia” The Green Hilton Agreement. Mainstream media also shut up. Strong indication wikipedia and dishonest mainstream media aka America et al mere propaganda tool.

There is also a gold information is stored in Switzerland because the Swiss bank UBS who became a container once mediator. But still it’s stored anywhere alias mandate compulsory deposit returned to the owner. A small part belongs to Indonesia , most of the other state. Instead dikekepin 39 years continues to play for the benefit of holders of the goods.

The presence of gold is not imaginary. Proven OITS institute opened in 2003 in Thailand as a form of recognition. Dihandel by Dr.Ray C Dam through “International Combined Collateral Accounts” as a couple “Global Debt Facility”. Kind of recognition among the nation’s debt. The institute is recognized United Nations (UN). Unfortunately, not liquid funds to the owner even trigger a scene.

Noted names associated disbursement of international gold deposits, including gold outside the mandate of the Bung Karno Ferdinand Marcos, is: Dr.Edison Damanik, Neil Keenan, Michael Meiring, Steve Scott, Joseph Daraman, aka Wilfredo Saurin John Riady. These names are not a guarantee of a legitimate mandate holders. In fact, Wilfredo Saurin entry blacklist fraudulent gold certificates. It is said that the treasure trillion dollars would have plenty to eat loss of life and property fraud and forgery of certificates bon gold.

President latter reportedly handed over the affairs of the gold to the IMF and the World Bank on the advice of the G20 group of nations. Then Indonesia awarded a grant of $ 2.8 billion from the IMF. Now the question is: Is it true that this grant is a form of compromise to get over 57, 147 tonnes of gold worth a billion dollars?

SBY might have a broken heart because it sure would fail to demand the return of gold trustee Bung Karno. Perhaps the political calculations say it’s useless against a very powerful powers. Probably well aware of the economic calculations of gold is controlled network of international bankers alliances among businessmen, royal, religion. So SBY find safe, let splashed a bit hefty.

There is also information that sounds odd. One of the requirements is said to melt gold is awaiting approval Pope (The Pope), Catholic officials in the Vatican, Rome Italy. If this is true then the more confusing. What does the Pope by the Federal Reserve (THE FED) and gold deposits? Is the Vatican the largest shareholders of the Fed privately held since time immemorial?

All the mystery that may just be the president, vice president, and former Director of the World Bank Sri Mulyani are able to uncover. That is, if you dare! If you dare to defend the people of Indonesia as well as to fulfill the mandate of Bung Karno 39 years ago.




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