Saul ~ Love Has No Enemies, and Therefore Nor Do You

Saul ~ Love Has No Enemies, and Therefore Nor Do You

By John Smallman  07/15/2012

All is rolling along beautifully in preparation for the grand awakening, which will be neither delayed nor halted — because you have collectively made the decision to awaken, and that decision is completely in accord with the divine Will.  You are all set for this momentous event, and although the vast majority of humankind is still deeply asleep, this situation is shortly to change.  You, the Light-holders and Light-workers, have been doing great work releasing your remaining attitudes that are incompatible with the divine field of Love enveloping the planet, and as a result you have opened yourselves to God’s embrace.  As you do that your individual energy fields lighten, brighten, and extend, to all with whom you interact, God’s indiscriminate and unconditional Love.  He wills that all on the planet become aware of His Love so that they no longer fear to awaken.

Judgment has been endemic on Earth for a very long time, and to such an extent that no one is untouched by the sense of guilt and unworthiness that go hand in hand with it.  God’s Love for you is boundless; you are all His divine progeny, perfect reflections of Him, and consequently, judgment of you is completely unnecessary and inappropriate.  God has never judged, and never will.

Judgment is a fear-based concept that was introduced into humanity’s various races and cultures as the sense of separation that the illusion encourages intensified, and people felt the need to protect themselves from each other’s attacks.  Separation has divided you and set you against one another, and judgment enables you to project your feelings of unworthiness on to others, thus partially assuaging your collective guilt which came into being as a result of your choice to hide from your Father within the illusion.

Within the illusion, judgment seems essential because the world is seen as filled with “others” who would harm you, and therefore a means to call those immoral or evil ones to account for their actions was deemed necessary.  From the earliest times, tribal leaders set themselves up with the help of their supporters as authority figures who could sit in judgment and condemn those who did not conform to what was considered to be normal tribal behavior.  And that concept has broadened and complexified with the passage of time.  You are all aware of the incredible inconsistencies this causes as different cultures, races, and religions each produce their own codes of acceptable conduct while condemning those who hold different beliefs.

God is Love, and therefore, so are all of God’s children, who are eternally one with Him.  Love has no enemies, and therefore nor do you.  But the illusion shows you a world of separation and acute disharmony, and it is from that illusory state that you are to awaken.  It has consistently caused you intense pain and suffering, and despite your best efforts to change the world— at various supposedly evolutionary peaks of civilization — into one where all were fairly and compassionately treated, success has always eluded you.

And, as long as you believe in separation and individuality, it will continue to do so.  The only remedy available to you is to awaken, and finally the moment for that to happen is drawing close.  The Love that envelops the planet, longing to embrace all of life, is at last making enormous progress, as ever more of you realize the insanity of the many conflicting beliefs that you hold and which drive you into opposing factions and camps so that you can declare war on . . . something! Think of an issue, a belief, a situation, and someone somewhere wants to declare war on it — for “the good of humanity”!

The Love flooding the planet, and dissolving the hardness that has infected so many hearts, has created an overwhelming desire among you to change your hostile attitudes, not only to one another, but to cultures and beliefs that are different and even an enigma to you.  It is instead prompting you to work on understanding and respecting all races, creeds, and cultures.  And it is this intent that is nudging you all steadily and inevitably towards your awakening.

Focus your attention on Love, and on all the aspects of It that are becoming visible all across the world, as the realization takes hold, intensifies, and strengthens, that Its power to help you is infinite, divine, and all-encompassing. All that you have to do is surrender to It and release all judgment.  You are all divine beings who are about to awaken from a wild and most confusing nightmare into the brilliance of your real existence — which is a state of sublime harmony eternally at one with all of creation.

With so very much love, Saul.

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