Saul ~ To assist the sleepers you needed to walk in their shoes


Saul ~ To assist the sleepers you needed to walk in their shoes

10/21/2012 by John Smallman

The Earth date December 21 2012 is on many people’s minds as they look forward to humanity’s awakening, and wonder what will actually happen, if anything, on or before that date.  Despite all the inspiring channeled messages addressing the importance and significance of this date many are but hoping for the best, while wondering if anything much will really change – they are preparing themselves to handle a big disappointment.  And the mainstream media continues to focus on the same old stuff – “new” bad news on the economy, on politics, on threats of terrorist plots or wars, on climate change, on earthquakes, and on and on – so where, you ask, is the Good News?

The illusion does hide from you your eternal spiritual connection to God.  You believe in it, it makes complete sense to you, but you have no experience of it – no sense of the feel, taste, smell, sound, or sight of God’s Presence in your lives. You have prayed, meditated, read inspiring spiritual books by a few mystics who have experienced the divine, and by people who have had personal near-death experiences.  But the majority of you have had no personal experience through which you know God.  Bodies can only experience through those five main senses, so you have to rely on your faith, on your hope, but as the due date draws ever closer your doubts tend to intensify.  If you are not experiencing doubts then maybe you are not being honest with yourselves — perhaps you are in denial of them.

This is a very demanding time for you as you wait apprehensively for the moment of your promised awakening.  The divine field of Love surrounding the planet and all of humanity is sensitive to your anxiety.  Take comfort in the knowledge that however unreal or inadequate your experience of your divine nature may be, the fact remains that you are, always have been, and always will be divine beings, the beloved children of God.  That is the Truth.  It is eternally true, even within the illusory reality in which you are presently experiencing life in such an exceedingly limited form.

Your unreal unknowing is a heavy burden that you willingly chose to bear when you reentered the illusion to be Light-bearers and way-showers to those who remain deeply asleep.  To help those who are so deeply asleep you had to leave behind your memory of Reality so that you could experience what they are experiencing and fully understand their fearful and confusing predicament, which makes no sense at all unless you are enclosed within it.  From outside it, from Reality, there is nothing there; it does not exist.  But from within, it seems totally real, and all the issues, problems, pain, and suffering with which it presents you are very threatening and convincing.

To assist the sleepers you needed to walk in their shoes.  Although you left behind your memory of Reality, your knowledge of It is held deep within you, as it is with the sleepers, but you, unlike them, do have an awareness of it.  This awareness is the tool you use to guide yourselves unerringly homeward, and by doing so, you show others the way.  But the effect of the illusion is to raise doubts in your minds as to its efficacy, especially when you, too, become bogged down in the worries and anxieties of daily illusory living.

This is why we constantly remind you of the absolutely essential need to spend quiet time — down time, time alone praying or meditating — in order to renew your strength, and to renew your awareness that you are Light-bearers and way-showers with a very important mission: the awakening of humanity, for which we in the spiritual realms are providing you constant and unfailing assistance.  If you were to succumb to the belief that you were doing this enormous task unaided, you would be overwhelmed.  You cannot possibly do it alone.  Therefore you must make time and space, each day, to connect with us, so that you constantly maintain awareness that you are never alone.  Doubts you will have, but you will also know that you most definitely are not alone.

What you agreed to do and are doing is truly amazing.  You reentered the illusion freely and willingly to aid your brothers and sisters as they struggled to find their way Home.  It is not the first time that you have voluntarily chosen to assist the sleepers seemingly trapped in the illusion, and your determination and persistence as you go about this task is divinely acknowledged and honored.  It is a task in which success is inevitable because it is God’s Will that this be so.  Remind yourselves again and again, especially when your doubts assail you, that you are divinely loved, protected, and guided in every moment of your existence, and that failure is not an available option because your success is divinely assured.

With so very much love, Saul.

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