SaLuSa and AAM Passing a Message Along?


SaLuSa and AAM Passing a Message Along?

Posted by Steve Beckow

Something interesting seems to be happening between Archangel Michael and SaLuSa at the moment. I’m not sure if it’s just me or whether you’ve noticed it as well.

Archangel Michael explained what was needed for Ascension on An Hour with an Angel on Aug. 6, 2012. SaLuSa took note of that interview and recommended it to his readers on Aug. 10, 2012.

Now SaLuSa has himself offered his version of what Archangel Michael discussed and there are striking similarities.

I haven’t studied it enough to say conclusively, but it feels to me as if they just covered the same ground and that doing that is meant somehow to pass a message on to us – that the leading galactics and celestials are saying the same thing.

Archangel Michael’s discussion is more detailed, which befits the interview medium, but regardless they cover the same conceptual ground – and therein lies their message, I think. Let’s listen to  SaLuSa’s account here. I’ll attach AAM’s version to the footnotes. (1)

“If you truly realized what you have undertaken, you would hardly concern yourselves with what we would call the minor details. They are of course important to you, but none more so than your actual Ascension. So please keep your unwavering focus on where you are going, and leave the details to us and you will not be let down.

“As you absorb more Light so you will find that your level of consciousness is growing. At a physical level you may feel at times as though you are walking upon air, even bouts of dizziness. That will pass and you will be truly aware of a greater peace within, and will be so assured about your future that you will stand out as one who is glowing with love.

“Emotions will be calm and easily controlled, but you will experience a deep feeling of happiness and joy just to be on Earth at such a momentous time. It is also the subconscious realization that you have at last lifted up out of duality, and that it can no longer have any hold over you. You have reached your goal and won the battle to come through it all with your Light shining bright.” (2)

SaLuSa tells is that the impact of the wonderful light energies that are beaming down on us is to raise our consciousness levels. Temporary symptoms may appear but they will be followed by greater peace, love, and tranquillity. By assimilating these energies, we’ll have lifted our consciousnesses, if not our bodies, out of Third Dimensionality and into Fifth Dimensionality – out of duality altogether.

That constitutes winning the battle and the rest will follow by the galactics’ own assurance: “Leave the details to us and you will not be let down.”

If I’m right about Archangel Michael and SaLuSa covering the same ground, perhaps we can expect to see more coordination of messages so as to demonstrate cooperation and coordination above.  To be sure, in the past, one can discern the galactics and celestials covering the same general topics at each point in time – Ascension symptoms one month, accountability another month, Disclosure discussions another, etc. But I can’t recall seeing a discussion this tightly parallel before.

I do request that the leading galactics and celestials coordinate their versions more now than they have in the past, to impress upon us the collaboration between them for the reassurance value it has. I know they listen to our requests. Such an apparent collaboration would go far to convincing us that they follow one common Plan.


(1) Here is Archangel Michael’s version seeming to cover the same conceptual ground.

“Your clearest indicator of what is taking place within this Ascension process is your heart. It is the core of your being, knowing and deciding that you are choosing love, that you are more joyful, less restless, less impatient, and yet at the same time more eager to embrace the new adventure and to let go of the old third reality of duality, of polarity, of all the false paradigms that have been created by the third.

“In your physical form, begin to feel yourself be reconstructed, and we would suggest not only in the external but from the inside out, because much of this is occurring with the activation of parts of your brain, of your glands, of your organs, of your bone marrow, of your subatomic fibers, of your DNA, of the shift from carbon to crystalline-based. So also pay attention to your physical form.

“Now, there has been a lot said and a great deal of discussion about Ascension symptoms — cosmic flu, dizziness, depression troughs, crests of the wave — but it is also your body that is transforming, not only so that you can hold the higher frequencies, maintain the higher frequencies, but because you already are holding more energy, higher frequency, more love, more light than you ever have before.

“Now, what does this mean in a physical way? First of all what it means is that if there are situations — mental, emotional, causal — on any level that are within your physical form — and they are — these will come to the surface for love, for release, for elimination. So do not be surprised if you think, “Well, I am doing my work, and I am being very diligent in my work, but this situation of asthma, of diabetes, seems to be in a flare-up phase, worse than ever.”

“Or if you have an emotional difficulty or imbalance of depression or anxiety, that all of a sudden you are feeling more anxious than you have felt in years, this is because the situation, the imprint or the actual anchoring within your physicality, is coming to the surface.

“Now, how is it coming to the surface, and how does this relate to Ascension? Well, I tell you, first of all the penetration of each of you during this time of transition by the Mother/Father One, by your own guides, by your brothers and sisters of the stars is not lessening, it is increasing, and it is increasing rapidly. So you are holding more energy. And as that is coming in, it is also acting as a cleanser, as a vacuum cleaner, as a slush for these things to come up and out.

“But as this also occurs, as the healing takes place, what you are going to find is that you are going to feel more vibrant, younger — younger in the human sense of the word, for our sense of young and your sense is very different! But soon you will remember all of that.

“You will look more vibrant, and therefore more youthful, can we say. You will feel that your body, your tissue, your skin, your bones, your flexibility, your organs, that all of you seems to be functioning more harmoniously, more effectively, more like who you really are. And so, pay attention to that. Pay attention to issues or qualities that you have been wanting to bring forth over a long period of time suddenly feeling like you are having a breakthrough.” (“Archangel Michael: The Passport to Ascension is Love,” Aug. 7, 2012, at

(2) SaLuSa, Aug. 10, 2012, at .

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