The Roadmap ~ The Ashtar Command 5/9/12

The Roadmap ~ The Ashtar Command 5/9/12

Channeled Through Greg Giles

Expand each day into something new and something creative, as each morning is another opportunity for you and another gift to make a reality what you have come here to experience. Unfolding before you is the roadmap you have drawn up for yourself, and it is this map that will take you to the places and the people that you wish to experience while you are here in this 3rd dimensional world.

To leave here without experiencing all that you came here to taste would be a lost opportunity that you may not get the chance to experience again in this type of setting, as many of you will not be coming back this way as your forays into the physical are over for you if this is what you wish for yourself. This is one of the choices you will be asked to make in the days ahead, as presenting themselves to you will be opportunities for you to travel ahead or to come back behind and perhaps do things a little differently.

There are no penalties for you if you choose to come back again and do things over. Not everyone is ready to leave the physical realm behind and continue their journey on into the spiritual realms of existence. There is a great deal to learn and to experience here in the physical, and there will always be plenty of opportunities for you to ascend into the higher realms. It is a wise soul who understands when the time has come to begin a new journey and when it is time to retrace the steps they have taken and use this blessed opportunity to make different choices that will allow them to experience things that they may have missed and may wish to experience before they move on.

We cannot overstep our bounds and unduly influence you to choose either course. We will always be careful to do our best to allow you all the freedom and the space that you require to make this decision on your own and according to your own terms. We of the higher realms also have decisions of our own to make, and of course, we greatly appreciate others giving us the space that we require to make our own choices according to what we feel we need to and feel we would like to experience next.

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