We are Being Revitalized ~ The Week Ahead: 6/25/2012

We are Being Revitalized ~ The Week Ahead: 6/25/2012

By Angela Peregoff


The week ahead is pretty laid-back for all mortals being transported through the cosmos on the beautiful lands of Gaia. A fairly peaceful and creative energy field takes hold on Earth so if you wake up with Technicolor dreams dazzling your mental sense buds don’t be surprised. As multidimensional beings we are being revitalized, refreshed and infused with new energy from the core impulse of the multiverse, which spontaneously and continuously recreates itself. Every moment provides us with a rich influx of energy to do with whatever we choose. Heed this warning though; replicating the familiar rather than creating a new version of reality may lead to loss rather than the next chapter of your purpose.

The sacredness that you are, the sacredness that you seek, the sacredness that you yearn for always comes forth through the possibilities of your un-birthed tomorrows. To create the new, first you must imagine it, then you embrace it, and finally love it until the invisible becomes true for you. And if you still don’t know what that personal version of heaven’s giving is for you pay attention – many of us will still be getting hunches, flashes of genius and unusual promptings from the deeper qualities of intuition since we continue to be influenced by last week’s powerful Gemini new moon and summer solstice portal.

Any rewiring of circuitry takes place in the nervous system before traveling to other areas of the anatomy. Be attentive and mindful this week whenever emotional or mental energy blocks your personal vitality. This is not the week to step into any dramas, circumstances of stress, or acts of frustration. The Soul’s linage is busy downloading each with an atonement of imagined existence so that we become compelled to make decisions towards a spiritual future. For thousands of years, all manner of prophets and ancients foresaw this era as being a massive turning point where the spiritual nature of existence is truly revealed and when humankind makes an astounding leap in consciousness. And this week we are getting a dose of Soul power and respect directly into our electrical systems. Uncomfortable shock waves can be appeased by supplementing your nutritional practice with some Natural Calm (magnesium) at the end of the day.

To assist with our journey through duality and into unity with individuality I suggest you continue the practice of releasing the ego’s hold on your soul’s quest for a full spectrum of visibility. We are at the juncture of receiving our Divine preciousness and unique gifts and it’s the ego, our self-concept, which is actually the one with the inherent fear of change and will try to sabotage this Divine inheritance. Daily you should listen for the presence that speaks through your past, your wounds, and your fears as the soul births new creative aspects into your personality structures. Just for clarity, I define the ego as the largely conscious part of your personality that’s derived from interfacing with the environment around you and that acts to preserve your self-concept and self-esteem as they are formed by that environment.

You’ll know which is receiving more of your energy and attention, the ego or the soul, by which voice answers the following question: Do I make choices based on anxiety and fear or on my highest potential? The ego always asserts an agenda based on survival fear and self-esteem derived from the approval of culture and the people we interact with. When our choices are decided from such a perspective our soul range is dramatically decreased, rendering us mostly cultural beings, instead of celestial beings living in accordance with our highest potential.

Our mission at this time is to make the ego so expansive through our own compassion that it encompasses and includes the Soul – our connection to All That Is, our connection to eternity. This is the divine reconnection that is now ready to be birthed fully into our lives. The big shift over the last few years has been the understanding of the Law of Attraction. The next big shift is everyone understanding the ego and its true purpose. The collective has opened the door on the opportunity to resolve the discords within our personalities so that the Soul can enter harmoniously. This too is going to take a few years to purify and that’s why I am giving you all the “heads up”. Everyone who reads my words each Monday is a pioneer of consciousness. . . a soul that agreed to embody “the New” and to anchor it within form so that a planetary shift could occur. So get busy doing the new homework assignment with ego.

As each of you diligently raises your luminosity and consciousness by participating in the expansive unfolding of the Universe itself then Spirit can incarnate into everyone’s journey at this time! Whether conscious or unconscious, what you hold compliments the life force of everyone you touch. So as you begin to use the ego as a creative tool of the Soul, and allow your personal sense of who you are to include the Soul identity, we all gain awareness. Your very vibration becomes an educator to hundreds.

If you don’t know where to start expanding your understanding about ego you could start by the contemporary source author Robert Ohotto. I love using his book entitled, “Transforming Fate Into Destiny” published by Hay House, Inc. in my classes. Caroline Myss and Wayne Dyer are more good resources that I would recommend. However if you make the request to the Universe and your guides, ”Bring me the appropriate teaching,” it will appear. It can’t not.

This is the time we have been waiting for and now we are being given the tools to build our individual and collective visions of a new era. We can no longer make our life contingent on another or what other’s do. Each must rise to meet their own path. All are going to understand that when you plan based on what someone else will do, you block your flow. You have to be where your Soul tells you to be! You just have to know that you have the skills to navigate whatever comes up, as it arises.

And that’s where my readers come in – you are the way-showers! You demonstrate using your senses as a barometer in all things. You know signs and answers are always around. That there is no need to obsess over and worry about missing them. You just stay open and pay attention. You realize you cannot miss what is meant for you. They will continue to show up until you understand, right? Many things are just what they are. You allow what you need to receive to pop out at you, so whatever you need out of each moment just appears. And you know why you do it that way? Because you feel and know you are Spirit and part of a Universal team that is always creating and expanding.

In sacred union with each of you,

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