The Rest is Up to Them: Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman

The Rest is Up to Them

By Jennifer Hoffman – June 10, 2012

Re-posted by Andrew Eardley

I am often asked what happens to those who are not ready or willing to shift into the new paradigms that are being created, and the answer is that they will in their own time and in their own way. It is not our place to judge or criticize their choices and, if we do, we are pouring our energy onto their path when we need all of our energy for ourselves right now.

While others’ life choices are not in our control we can impact them through the choices that we make for ourselves. We have to live our truth, in our light and our power and do what’s best for us. What others choose is up to them.

So much of our karma is being cleared and released right now that we are feeling, through our emotions, the fear of not being present, of not holding up our end of our soul contracts and of not owning our responsibilities to others. Yet their joy, success, peace, abundance and fulfillment was never our responsibility in the first place.

We took it on as part of our karma with others, believing that if we had done something different, they would have too. And while we have, at times, been the abuser, tyrant, oppressor and a cruel taskmaster, we did so at their request for them to learn about their power.

There is a higher aspect to every lesson and multiple paths we can choose. But when we are focused on what someone else is doing there is only one path available to us, the one that includes their healing and what we think that is. Now we’re on their path, hoping to get back to ours with them in tow but we can no longer do that.

When we’re working within our power, connecting to our divine mastery, the rules are very clear – we need to stay on our own path and let others be on theirs. We can impact their lives most powerfully by being our most powerful selves and yet, even by being the best example we can be, the rest is still up to them.

These are such powerful times and we have been waiting for so long for them to happen, and yet we are diluting their power when we spend time in regret, guilt, longing for others to change or hoping that we will be successful in completing the healing we believe is part of our karmic cycle’s closure. It isn’t. We heal our karma when we take ourselves out of its energy, when we make powerful choices for ourselves, no matter what others do.

And as we accept others choices and know that the rest is up to them, we move forward on our own path with a peaceful heart, and all of our energy intact to power the new life that we have to create for ourselves, our personal heaven on earth. And we’re going to need all of our energy to do that.

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