Rainclouds Cleanse ~ Water Dragons 17 April 2012

Rainclouds Cleanse ~ Water Dragons 17 April 2012

Channel: Karen Doonan

We come to guide and support as the new is ever anchored deeper and deeper. The rains that are sweeping the human energy system working to clear and cleanse the traumas and nightmares of aeons. We ask for you to work with the rain, to allow the rainclouds to burst and to pour the healing energies around you and through you, for through the rain is the new and all that we ask is that you allow SELF to cleanse.

We are the dragon realms and we work closely with the element of water. The water a long ago myth for all humans, we watch as the human race recoils in fear of water and ask ALL to remember a time when they flowed with the water, when they danced in the water and when they allowed the cleansing and clearing to take place.

That which is for YOU dear ones will come to you, the worry, the anxiety all working to try to convince YOU that YOU are not the powerful BEing of light that YOU ARE. We work between dimensions freeing the parts of SELF encased in shadow and we ask that you begin to learn to swim, for the tides are turning and the onslaught of emotion is but an ocean to sail. We ask All to realize that they CAN swim, that drowning is not an option and that swimming to the depths will reveal treasure that cannot be seen from above the ocean.

We ask for you to swim the tides with us, know that YOU are safe and protected at all times and all that is cleansed is that which no longer serves. It is not possible to walk in a newly cleansed world with the energies of the old pouring around you and through you. The muddy footprints would leave the scars on the earth that are once more beginning to heal. We ask for you to see your role in the cleansing of mother earth and we ask that you leave clear footprints of LOVE upon mother earth….

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