Q and A

Q and A

Excerpts from conversations of LadyinRed (ascention2012 & beyond webmaster) and  *Za’Raya (aka GoldPeg9)

Q. Are we going to be on this earth after Ascension is over & we go to 5D?

A. Za’Raya: The whole Earth is ascending and all life upon her. So, to start with – Yes – in part.

With full activation & alignment of our DNA – all who ascend will have their full memories restored and will remember where they are from, who the really are and where they actually WANT to be. Some, who are to be keepers of sacred areas will be on the surface, but will likely go back and forth to their “sweet spot” Many, many will return to their home planets or the Star Ships.

Q. What will be different with our earth (this earth) after Ascension?

A.  Za’Raya: I’ll mention just a few things. This will activate your own imagination as to what will be in 5th Dimension Earth:

Gone will be: All power lines, smothering concrete highways, skyscrapers, massive polluted congested cities, petrol run vehicles, GAS STATIONS….anything that you can think of that has hurt or polluted the Mother, will be gone. Garbage will be transmuted back into it’s original organic form.

Everyone will have a replicator – so grocery stores will not be needed to be shopped at.

Everyone will be totally abundant and financially free – but there won’t be much that is needed to buy.

During the transition period, everyone will have a chance to be so financially free, that they can experience buying anything they want. Soon though, it will be realized that ones desires can just be manifested and this won’t be necessary. With full consciousness too, all will remember that there is a LOT more in the Universe they want to experience and see, than staying on the planet.

Q. What are the stages we will go through as far as our physical changes go? Like what is a crystalline being exactly?

A. Za’Raya: This is already being experienced by millions. Some days a person will wake up, get out of bed and every cell in the body will be stiff and aching. They have to consciously “Tell” their body to move!

People will also start to gag on any food that is of a lower 3rd Dimension. i.e. Dead cooked red meat. They will not only gag because their bodies are of a higher vibration, but because their heart centers will be wide open and their empathy with the animals will be so great, the love in their hearts will burst open and NO ONE will EVER condone killing any living fellow sentient being on the planet again. Animals are raising in consciousness too.

There are many really good messages on the internet about this:

Excerpt from: http://www.crawford2000.co.uk/bigger-spiritual-ascension-god-future.htm

This journey into the higher dimensions is known as the Ascension process. Whilst these changes are deeply affecting our emotional and mental state, as well as our life-styles, we are also undergoing some physical changes as our body readjusts to the higher vibrational forces which accompany our increasing levels of consciousness. As we sleep we are gradually embodying more strands of DNA, changing from a carbon-based body with 2 strands of DNA into a crystalline body which has access to 15,000 strands of DNA, because only crystalline substances can exist on higher dimensional levels. But it is not just we humans who are changing into crystalline, but all life-forms, including the Earth herself. All the fish in the sea, the flowers and trees in your garden, the birds in the sky, even your pet dog or cat. Everything is changing.

Also, the changes to our physiological make-up are currently speeding up and there are many temporary physical symptoms that are occurring in our bodies as a consequence of this. Some of these are:


  • Flu-like symptoms.
  • High temperatures, sweating, aching bones and joints etc, but which do not respond to antibiotics.
  • Migraine headaches with severe pain that is not relieved with pain killers.
  • Occasional diarrhoea.
  • Occasional runny nose and sneezing which lasts 24 hours and is not a cold or hayfever.
  • Dizziness.
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Heart palpitations.
  • Feeling the whole body vibrate, especially at night when one is in a relaxed state.
  • Intense muscular spasms and pain in one or more areas of the body.
  • many people. Many are rushing off in panic to their doctor, chiropractor, herbalist and so on and usually told that there is nothing really wrong with them. And this is the truth. For all these symptoms are just temporary and simply indicate that these physiological changes are occurring.
  • Some of the recommended relief remedies for the above are:
  • Go with the flow, don’t fight it.
  • If you feel tired and exhausted, rest and get plenty of sleep.
  • Drink plenty of water for you are detoxifying and dehydrating quicker than usual.
  • To relieve emotional tension and stress levels take Valerian.
  • Fenugreek relieves stress on the lymphatic system and helps the detoxification.
  • To relieve muscle spasm take Valerian and try mud baths or a long hot soak in a bath into which you add a cup of Epsom salts. Do this daily.
  • Recognize that even if you are having heart palpitations or breathing difficulties that it is the heart chakra or the throat chakra that is unblocking and that the symptoms are temporary. You aren’t dying, just changing! However, don’t just take my word for it. Seek medical guidance if you are unsure.
  • If you don’t know where to get Valerian or Fenugreek try a health food store or better still, simply say the name in your head when you need relief. All healing energies are transmitted via the sound of the name and are just as effective said in the mind as aloud or as in physically taking them. Try it and see.
  • Ask your angel guides or higher self to help relieve any pain. Most symptoms seem to last a couple of weeks, then clear up. Some symptoms may reoccur from time to time, especially depression.

These changes are not necessarily being experienced by everyone concurrently. A very small percentage of adults have already embodied up to 5,000 strands of DNA and have moved into a fourth dimensional awareness. The majority, however, are still in the early stages and embodying the first 12 strands of DNA. This physical state of being is completely dependent upon our current level of consciousness. As we lift our perceptions to embrace ever increasing levels of truth and higher thought, we embody further strands of DNA. This entire process is managed by our I AM presence or higher self, so we are in extremely capable and loving hands, and must therefore, learn to surrender to it.

Q. So…our life here does not go forward then…money, assets, houses, past memoir’s, etc?? Like do we bother paying our life insurance type thing?

A. For the time being, we will be able to have all this here. After ascension – we can have ALL this and MORE! We can manifest instantly anything we think of. REALLY. It’s like Alchemy in it’s truest form.

Sorry – I will never give advice about paying insurance, taxes, bills … or anything. NOT EVER This is where you MUST use your own judgment and intuition. I’m still here in a 3D/4D body too. I’m paying everything until I just don’t have to anymore……………..

N.E.S.A.R.A. will take care of a LOT of this. It Will be activated very soon. Part of disclosure.

Q. And all our profits from the RV, does that come with us?

A. With our desires and visualizations, we can manifest EVERYTHING we want. We will have the equivalent of unlimited “profit” in All aspects of our lives. NOTHING IS LOST. Values will change with our full consciousness. People will find they have a few really good laughs at what they thought was abundance, when they find out what REAL abundance is.

Q. Do we actually physically die, before becoming a crystalline body, like dying humans do before moving on?

 No physical death is necessary. It’s like metamorphosis – out of the cocoon into the butterfly……….

Q. If we don’t live in our houses, then what do we live in, for those that stay on this planet?

We can live in ANY house/home we can imagine. See previous messages. With ascension, for a time – we will seem to take everything we have manifested into our lives that is desired and joyful – with us.

….Beloved Asun: “When beloved Ascended Master St. Germain ascended, one of his main higher guides met him and said, “St. Germain.” “You have Ascended!” and he replied, “I have?!”

You see, he could still see and feel everything he experienced in 3D too – from what was in his imagination. He now walks through walls from 5th D to 3D, all the time.

He walks into the private meetings of government heads and G8 meetings and shocks the living daylights out of the Illuminati who think they are invincible. They KNOW that their days are through.

St. Germain and the GF have advised them, over and over. They either come into the LIGHT or they are gone from this planet. People would find it hard to believe right now, just how many have been removed already. A large portion top of Gov’t heads, Royals, etc. are clones, look-a-likes or solid holograms.

Hillary has clones and solid holograms! Did you see the video of her eating pie with Bill? Someone asked her a question about how good the pie was, and she just kept eating without looking up. It was as though the person who asked the question was speaking to a movie screen character.

Q. What about our pets and all the wildlife, what happens to them? The Whales, Dolphins, Birds, Puppies, etc?

Some of this is in previous answers and message quoted. All are ascending too. Many will go back to their home planets too – i.e. dolphins, whales – WAY higher intelligence than given credit to by 3D mankind’s small minds. If I were to name another Great Sin – if there was such a thing as sin – it would be the killing of whales and dolphins.

Q. I hear we will be in a tempered climate, like always in the 70’s…not hot, not cold. So what happens to the Polar Bears, Seals, Penguins and other cold climate animals?

They are ascending too. They can manifest whatever climate they want, but they will also go to their own home planets. Also, holodecks on the HUGE planet sized space ships have holodecks that are so real, environments for these can be created until they are transported to their original planets.

Nothing will die or be extinct ………

Before Lemuria and Atlantis were sunk by the dark forces then playing with laser beams enhanced with their huge crystals and blowing up Marduk – they also blew up the firmament that surrounded the earth. The two natural moons were thrown way out of orbit too. (these are being brought back and the mechanical moon that is there now will be “taken away”)

This firmament allowed for a steady consistent temperature world-wide of about 78 degrees F

Q: I love nature, the ocean, sun and earth, & I want to swim with a whale in the ocean just once,… so we can go between planets if we want to go Galactic for a bit & come back to Earth a bit etc.??

A Galactic Brother of mine in Australia – goes by Zakairan and his web page is the same – hosts a whale watching trip every September on a yacht. Only so many can go at once. There are photos of him physically swimming in the water with Humpback whales. They are brilliant animals and communicate with awakened Lightworkers telepathically.

When 9/11 happened, he didn’t even hear about it until he came into to Sydney, two weeks later. Easy to disconnect from 3D when a person is out on the ocean. They have radio communication of course, but it wasn’t turned on. It was only for using if they needed to from their end.

A person can also swim with the dolphins in several places on the globe. I’ve always wanted to go to Monkey Mia in Western Australia, where a person can just walk out into the ocean and swim with the dolphins that come in.

Some women give birth in the ocean with dolphins around as “mid-wives”. So cool, eh?

Q. So back to climate for a minute…I’ve heard we can manifest any climate we want. So if I want warmer climate & my friend wants to go Snowboarding…how does that work exactly? Do I see & live in their colder environment? Or is it like I can go with them to theirs?

Actually, you’ll be able to just program a holodeck – if there is one where you are – or on a Starship. Like in Star Trek Next Generation or Star Trek Voyager.

Q. So in essence, I know NESARA will take care of a lot of bills, etc. But (to be stupid simple here) we won’t have to worry about things like Life Insurance, Family Trusts for protection, Retirement Plans etc? But of course until then, go on with status quo.

Not after Constitutional law is reinforced, no. There actually won’t BE anymore “accidents”!

(I did notice a month or two ago, how Hillary was so worn out & old looking, & them bamm!…She was like a new person & body all at once. I knew why, but had to laugh at the lack of subtlety involved.)

Yes, this happens with many of them. Clinton had as many as 12 clones. Not sure if you know any of the Canadian Prime Ministers, but PM Jean Chrétien is a good example. He used to speak out of one side of his mouth – like someone who’s had a stroke. Films would show him one day speaking out of one side, and the next time he would be speaking out of the other. Sheesh eh? LOL

Ok for a harder question…..

Q. How can people help get themselves to ‘higher being’ so to say? Or their higher self? Explain it like we are all 6/yr/old children & you won’t miss anything.

Just having the desire to do this gets a person over half the way there. 51% desire and loving thought patterns gets you there. People are still under the consciousness veil here and it’s understood that everyone still deals with a 3D ego. Talk to your Higher Self, Twin Flame, Guides, Guardians, Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters and extended families with the Galactic Forces. When a person asks for help, they get it from EVERY Direction. There is NO wrong way to do it either.

Note: I wrote twin flame here as few understand this. Everyone has many soul mates who are in their soul families, and they interact with them in relationships etc., working out previous Karma.

Everyone has only ONE Twin Flame. This one who also is usually a guide and guardian, is in a higher dimension too – where you both were when the journey on this planet started. Before losing memories of true her/history here. Very, very rarely is a Twin Flame on the planet at the same time. It’s part of the protection to stay connected to the Divine Being that you are.

Q. I know I’ve been changing more & more, daily & can’t explain this to many others. But I also feel blocked by not always knowing what to totally do.

There IS no wrong way to speak to your Higher Self, guides and guardian Angels and family of Light already in the 5D. Believe me, they HEAR you. You have expressed your desire. You will never go back wards again. It’s not possible.

Often a person won’t actually “hear” a voice answering them, but if they just relax and go about their life in the NOW, there WILL be signs that they are being answered.

A book may fall off the wall/rack in the Library. A store you walk past will beckon you in and you’ll walk right up to a crystal you need to purchase. You could discover that it’s your gratitude ‘rock” and fits into the palm of your hand as though it grew there. You may lose this crystal a half dozen times, and every time you will be amazed how it found it’s way back to you.

You could look into a child’s eyes in the grocery store and see that the child is grinning at you from ear to ear with eyes so deep and expressive, you just KNOW the child is an ancient soul come back as a master to teach the adults. She/he sends you a message telepathically, and you feel as though you are floating for the rest of the day.

Notice everything you see. Especially when walking outdoors. You may even see a sparkling ‘globe” floating in the bushes – fairies are not myths.

It’s all there. If you think with your heart and allow – you will be amazed how many voices are actually speaking to you.

Q. Why does the earth have to be cleansed after first contact?? I just had to through that one in there.

Hmmm, where did THIS come from? The Earth needs to be cleansed right NOW. After first contact the GF will be cleared by the Galactic Federation of Worlds to help with this openly. They are already doing a LOT behind the scenes.

Q. I want to take a space ride I can remember. Otherwise what’s the point right.  Give me my spaceship, I’ll be the first one on board. No holding me back!!

If you have this desire, you likely already go on board the ship you hale from at night when your earth body sleeps……. Many of us have bodies on our Ships laying in Stasis – for when we awaken there that we “flow” back into.

Earth life is the illusion. Don’t think too hard on this with your head, ok. Think with your heart and inner self and you’ll understand better.

When thinking with the head, the yama yama chatter of the ego gets in the way.



LadyInRed wrote:
When it talks about cleansing in this paragraph….what kind of cleansing exactly? Maybe a bit of clarity would help here……

“It has to be remembered that at the time these messages were given, in the years leading up to the end of the last century, it was expected that there would be a great cleansing upon Earth. That cataclysmic events would occur, such as an axis tilt, massive earth upheavals and that in some areas it would be necessary to take people off the Earth for their safety. This period passed without these happenings taking place, and it was put down to an increase in the mass consciousness of the people upon Earth. It alleviated the need for such dramatic action, through so much negative energy having become transmuted. This continues right up to this present time and with the coming of an open First Contact, the Earth will be cleansed with the help, of our friends from outer space. It is anticipated that it will have been completed by the end of this cycle, in the year 2012.
With these messages it shows the willingness of our space friends to help us through our Earth changes. Although their mission will have altered, current messages do nevertheless indicate how they have adjusted to our requirements, and are prepared to put their vast resources at our disposal.
Mike Quinsey”

I want my spaceship, but I also love the earth. So this begs the question….Can we travel back & forth on earth & in space? Can we go ‘Galactic’ for a bit & then come back to earth a bit? Kinda like a parent that travels for work, but in this case the travel is for other reasons

This could be a new slogan. Like the military says, travel & see the world…we could say travel & see the universe & maybe others!! Lol, couldn’t resist!

Mother earth has been choking on all that mankind (instigated by reptilian kind) has done to her. Raping her with digging for oil, taking her precious metals through strip mining, throwing her diamonds into the ocean to keep the price up, stripping the rain forests, killing the fully conscious whales – who keep her energy balanced and anchored – the list is very long.

She was going to rebel, and start erupting all over the place. She is a sentient being with consciousness that speaks to us. When so many Lightworkers awakened, she held off on her plans because of her love for humanity.

In the original experiment in 3D she agree to support human life, but never did she imagine that they would near destroy her. She didn’t imagine that the Dark Forces would come here and take over – for near 13 Millennium. The Divine plan has always been that there would be an end to the experiment. The suffering for Mother Earth and ALL life upon her is ending now.

NO animal will be killed ever again. The killing and eating of animals was started by the a-moral bloodthirsty reptilians too. Then humanity was brain washed into thinking that this was normal and that they needed to eat meat to survive. Totally false.


LadyInRed wrote:
OK, so this begs another question. I & most all, know who the Atlanteans are (Atlantis, BTW I found the sunken city on Google Earth)…But who are the Lumerians & some of the others I’ve seen on these chats?

Lemuria was before Atlantis – older civilization – continent – but was still here at same time.  A really good book about it – by Solara?

Legend of Altazar. He was High King on Lemuria. One link here: http://www.nvisible.com/SB/AltazarBk.html

The Dark Forces that invaded/took over Atlantis – (and know here that these civilizations were a LONG time (as we know it) ago. The last Ice-age was caused by the Altantians trying to blow up Lemuria. They succeeded in not only sinking her, but themselves too. At the same time they blew up the other planet that was in this solar system, Maldek/Marduk – and shattered the firmament that was around the Earth. With the firmament, there were no extreme seasons and climate changes.


LadyInRed wrote:
OK, I’m thinking on starting a thread for just Q & A’s…is that OK?

GoldPeg9, on this link you put out…


It says this… “The window into the fourth dimension opened at the end of 1998 and many of the first wave are currently moving through and embracing up to 5,000 strands of DNA. They will continue to progress through the initiation stages of the fourth dimension gradually, taking on more strands of DNA ready to step into the fifth dimension when that window opens. This window will remain open for the next 60-90 years, at the end of which time the Earth and all those still then living at a fourth dimensional level will make their Ascension.”

I look at the 60-90 years part. Now I know some people will ascend faster than others, but is this 3D earth really going to go on for another 60-90 years?? Most people won’t live to see it through.

I have also heard that many will be ascending now & throughout before the Dec 21st dates. Millions in fact. Is this true & how could this be?

I also read that many may chose to leave 3D earth via normal death of the human carbon body, because either they don’t want to be part of this event, or because the pain would be so bad & they don’t want their negative energies here/ Can you explain all this further??

Also, just curious…what happens to our pets, friends, & family that have passed on already?

And is 4D where the souls, angels & demons (what we call them) are?


I don’t agree with ALL that is written in this article. It’s just very good to get people thinking outside the box and it also has a lot that is correct.

The 4th Dimension is collapsed for the most part on this planet. Mother Earth is ascending into the 5thD and all life upon her that is at a high enough Light, will go with her. Since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, the changing in the physical body has been speeded up.

Thus so many aches and pains, even in those considered “young” in the body.

4D was a place where souls did go and often those lost – so called Ghosts – but ALL this was healed and taken care of in the Light – so to speak.

Any who were confused as to where they were, who they are, that they’ve left their 3D body – have all been met.

Another thing that happens, has happened, is the overlapping of time lines and dimensions. We are very mult-dimensional. Really has been difficult for those who are still “sleeping” to grasp this concept.

Once full consciousness is restored to everyone – the confusion about everything will be gone.

The reason so many questions arise too, are subconscious memories surfacing. These are not clear yet, and really can get a person shaking their heads. The ego will try to hang onto belief systems too – or a past life memory will cause a person to believe someone’s opinion that they’ve written down. Ego can REALLY get in the way for all of us! (I’m forever saying to mine, “Stand down! Be silent. Get back in the sorting room where you belong!” LOL)

Trying to explain things without writing a very long book – isn’t possible for me.

Also, with Telepathy- all can be explained and understood with a though.


LadyInRed wrote:
Ah, so your saying the Atlantians were of the dark then?  

No. Absolutely NOT saying this.

Or at least taken over by them? And they went after Lemuria & sank them both?

Wasn’t there a 3rd of that group? Starts with a Mu or Ma something?

Now this… “At the same time they blew up the other planet that was in this solar system, Maldek/Marduk”…
Is that where we got our Asteroid Belt? 

About the book…sure what’s the title & author?

Sorry – I wasn’t clear – Book is: The Legend of Altazar. He was High King on Lemuria. One link here: http://www.nvisible.com/SB/AltazarBk.html

No, not All Alanteans were bad.  Just like now, not all the population is bad. Most were of the Light. Many Lemurians and Atlanteans escaped into the inner earth.

Many, many, many people here NOW were also ON Atlantis. So were a lot of the Dark forces who are here now. So much real history to be told.

This is why telepathy will be SO great to be able to communicate with. Also, with the alignment of our DNA will come full memories about what really has happened.

MU was the Starship…..

Solara says:
“This enchanting story still brings tears to many who read it.
Its purpose is to help you reclaim your memories of earlier times
and great, forgotten civilizations upon this planet.
It was Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ favorite book! Wouldn’t it make a fantastic film!!!

LadyInRed wrote:
So people still see ‘Ghosts’, so why is that?

What are Angels & Demons exactly?

Now Mother Earth is ascending into 5D, but what about those not at a high enough light?

I just have to ask this…what happens to our pets? Do we see them again?

Any idea why I keep seeing flashes & glimpses of things all this past week? Just curious.

(I have been aching & hurting like crazy. Not to mention all the sleeping & many other issues lately. Began to think Houston had a problem. LOL)

So 4D is collapsed or compresses, but people like you are still in between 3D & 4D. So 4D is still there, just like a really flat sandwich?

Are we all going to go through 4D, or will it be gone by then & we just go into 5D?

All animals are ascending too. Everyone who even desires to ascend with the Mother – even subconsciously- WILL. It only takes 51% into the Light – to actually go all the way.

AND – everyone has Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. They are just hovering around – waiting, wishing, nudging, blowing in your ear! to wake people up to get them to just ASK for help! Ask them for their protection at all times and you will Never HAVE anything to fear again.

I don’t know about any Ghosts etc. anymore. Most people only think they know about them from fear movies created by Hollywood. Yes, phenomenons happen.

Sometimes too – a person will have a memory surface from another time, space and dimension – and feel/see/think that they’ve “seen” something.

This latter is not a subject that interests me much, as it’s not uplifting for anyone. Sorry.

Just know that you will have your memories of everything restored and all question will be answered. They won’t be questions anymore, as you will remember.


spirit144 wrote:

I’m glad they’re here. We just gotta make sure, it’s not the Annunakis’. They are in the skies too.


The Annunaki joined the Galactic Federation of Light in 1995. They are only here to correct all the discord and strife they caused. They have changed the sound of their name. Phonetically. It is now Annanuki. (to actually spell it is impossible in Any earth language. it’s the sound)

They are the ones helping to remove those Illuminati who refuse to stop the horrors they keep trying to create. The Illuminati are their “children”.

No worries here at ALL. There are ONLY benevolent Galactic Forces surrounding the earth now.


LadyInRed wrote:

Ok GoldPeg9, I know this question may require a long answer, so it will stand lone!

How can a person, or what can a person do, to start to get to a Higher Self Being? To be able to Telepathically communicate with Higher Light Beings, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, the GF, etc?? To reach the levels of others as yourselves? Inquiring minds want to know! Feel free to write a book

In you meditations, just start talking to them. They hear you and you WILL hear what they say to you.

I wrote the following to someone on OOM1, who asked me a similar question:

There IS no wrong way to speak to your Higher Self, guides and guardian Angels and family of Light already in the 5D. Believe me, they HEAR you. You have expressed your desire. You will never go back wards again. It’s not possible.

Often a person won’t actually “hear” a voice answering them, but if they just relax and go about their life in the NOW, there WILL be signs that they are being answered.

A book may fall off the wall/rack in the Library. A store you walk past will beckon you in and you’ll walk right up to a crystal you need to purchase. You could discover that it’s your gratitude ‘rock” and fits into the palm of your hand as though it grew there. You may lose this crystal a half dozen times, and every time you will be amazed how it found it’s way back to you.

You could look into a child’s eyes in the grocery store and see that the child is grinning at you from ear to ear with eyes so deep and expressive, you just KNOW the child is an ancient soul come back as a master to teach the adults. She/he sends you a message telepathically, and you feel as though you are floating for the rest of the day.

Notice everything you see. Especially when walking outdoors. You may even see a sparkling ‘globe” floating in the bushes – fairies are not myths.

It’s all there. If you think with your heart and allow – you will be amazed how many voices are actually speaking to you.

Does this fit here?


LadyInRed wrote:
What exactly is a Luminoid? As it was referred to that the Queen (present) is a Luminoid.

Who or what are the Reptilians? Where did they come from? And how did they become Reptilians? Where are they now?

I use the term Luminoid in reference to the Illuminati because they are shape-shifting Reptilians. I don’t like referring to them as Illuminati, as they gave themselves that name. They refer to themselves as the Illumined Ones and they are NOT illumined anything, in my books.

There have been those who witnessed shape-shifting from human to reptilian and back. Some, when drinking couldn’t hold their shapes. The ones who lived to tell about it, were usually under mind control, and the arrogant ILL ones, didn’t think it mattered as they figured it would never get out into public knowledge. (a shock for you. Pres Rgn was seen doing this!)

They were created by the AnnUnAki – a Reptilian Galactic Race. (now come into the Light in mid nineties.) Name pronunciation is now AnnanUkie. They are back to remove the discordant Luminoids.

I’ve read that all our affirmaties will be healed after Ascension…& we will be young again?

Yes, our bodies KNOW how to rejuvenate

so we become younger then?

Yes we will

changing from Carbon based bodies to Crystalline bodies

We are getting younger and younger every day – right now

time is speeding up big time

hard to explain

Our aging is an illusion!

if time is speeding up, which i know it is…wouldn’t we be getting older?

WE believe what we’ve been brainwashed into believing – i.e. that the body ages – thus we “age

No. Speeding up is into the 5th Dimension

Have to delete the word Old from our vocabularies. LOL

so…how young? Like what ages? Do we ever age? Children?

Children grow up to about “21” and then even out.

but he’s not here in our world….doesn’t he travel from 5D?

He is back and forth from 3D to 5th D and higher

Yes, we are ascending into the 5th D, where we do NOT age

so does he have a physical address here type thing?

Earth etc.  He’s never given one.  LOL

no mail ha?

He’s telepathic.  Doesn’t need it.  He can also instantly teleport to where ever he wants to be on the planet.

no bills, no paycheck, no stuff like that?

You and I can talk to him and he will hear us!


All necessities are FREE

We can manifest all we want instantly

Even money, if we wanted to have some

Won’t need it though

wish we didn’t need it now lol

where does he sleep? How does he pay bills or get money? (besides from the elites he takes it back from of course)

He doesn’t need it!

he just manifests everything he needs

He is NOT alone in 5th D

but he has to physically be somewhere?

Does he?  Where ever, you can be assured that it’s an amazing beautiful breath-taking place.

He has guided people to his place.  Read it in that book I told you about

He resides where ever he wants to.  Doesn’t have to have one place

but it’s not like I can go knock on his door?

No, but you can communicate with your guides and guardians as they too are in 5th D, and they will pass along messages

They can read your thoughts and do so when you are thinking of them

and allow them to


I’m starting to remember parts of dreams now

there was words…or a saying use a few night ago that is used when I’m suppose to heal someone something…3 words…can only remember 1st short one


but I’m not suppose to do that though right? So what’s up?

not supposed to do what?

heal ppl that way

they are suppose to heal themselves?

Oh no!  You are allowed to heal people if they desire it?

Long ways off from that

always in highest wisdom

Even if we don’t consciously know how

we do subconsciously

need to be able to heal myself 1st

so the desire, thought and words spoken really helps another

so that dream was real then?


We can call on the MAP teams for that.


MAP = Co-Creative Great White Brotherhood Intergalactic Fleet Medical Assistance Team… and Program…

These are 5th D healing teams that will come and help us heal. Galactic Medical Assistance teams

Just when falling asleep ask Higher Self (always call in Higher Self First) then guides and Guardians to bring in the MAP teams to help your body heal while sleeping

forget half the time

Even when hurting

It’s a very good thing to do.



Sheldan Nidle is not a channel. He communicates with his Sirian Family members telepathically.

Some may think is the same thing, but is not.  He is linked directly to the Galactic Federation


A channel’s soul energy leaves the body and the entity speaking enters and speaks through the “borrowed” body



Note:  *Za’Raya Bin Kole Chex Na,

Ashtar Commander on Techno Recon Mission Planet Earth,

Star Ship Pegasus 9 and Zion IV. 

Home planet – Pa Ta Na Tu, Pleiadies.


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