Your Prosperity Funds & This Universe ~ Galactic Federation of Light 9/21/12



Your Prosperity Funds & This Universe ~ Galactic Federation of Light 9/21/12

Channeled through Greg Giles

Nestled in your far and remote corner of this, your Milky Way galaxy, is your tiny blue planet that sits perched on gentle whispers of cloud formation giving rise to the charming name Milky Way. We have been here for a very long time and so have you, our dear brothers and sisters. We all have come here for a very special purpose, for a very important reason, and that reason is to ‘bury the hatchet’ and make up for lost time, as throughout the ages and throughout the eons many of your world today did not get along what can be considered well. What we consider well anyway. There was occasion when there have been outbreaks of war in this, your 3rd third dimensional universe.

We wish to make it clear that there has been no war in your 5th dimensional universe, this is true. We wish to make that stipulation very clear for those of you who feel that war is a construct of higher dimensional life, for it is not in any way, shape or form. War is not the answer, for any and all 5th dimensional or higher beings have figured this out a long time ago. This was one of the pieces of the puzzle that needed to be fit together before a being can ascend from the lower dimensions such as your 3rd dimension to a higher dimension such as your 5th dimension.

Here in your 3rd dimensional reality war, and that is what we shall refer to it for now, and yes, this is sad to say and it gives us no happiness to report this to you, but war is not unique to your planet Earth. Now there have been wars that have broken out and there have been rashes of violence that have occurred throughout this entire 3rd dimensional universe for many and varied reason. Some of these reasons may be seen as simple misunderstanding and a failure or lack to find some suitable, amicable and permanent solutions to certain disagreements, problems, inequities or unfairness. We say to you part of the reason you are all here is to iron out these differences. Yes, this is why many of you are here, for many of you have taken part in these wars, some of you on opposing sides and some of you as allies on the same side.

We will not ever share with you whose side anyone was on throughout these conflicts, no. Why will we not do this? Well, we say to you part of your curriculum here, which means part of what you are supposed to be learning here, is to get along with each other no matter what your prior histories are. If you knew that someone that you are working with online was at one time what you may consider an enemy, we say this may affect your relationship in one of a number of ways and we do not wish to influence your working partnership with this other individual in any way. It is all up to you all to simply get along together, to learn how to work together and even play or socialize together. This is your task at this time. We see many of you getting along very, very well and this is quite heartwarming and inspiring. We say, keep up the great work, for you are mending wounds that have been inflicted sometimes eons ago that have festered and that have not been able to heal and there are scars that have separated many races, many worlds and even many galaxies throughout this, your 3rd dimensional universe.

We say your work here together is bringing this universe together. What do you think about that? Do you think that your assignments here are an important one? Would you say that your task at this time is far more important than any of your personal choices, which includes your persistence to continue your illicit use of mind altering substances and also your persistence to flaunt your opinions of others and yourself while forsaking the feelings and the rights of another? We do say that because your work here is so vital to this entire universe that you can find a way to forget for now, to overlook for now, to release for now your need for certain of these lower dimensional self gratifications. We say to you that you certainly can release these. We know you can, and that is why you were selected to be here among representatives from all of these worlds that we have discussed throughout this entire universe, which includes certain galaxies that are so very distant from each other and from here that they do not speak to each other very often. They do not deal with each other in any way. They do not share with each other and they do not assist each other in times of need. This is a real shame, for this universe has been designed in such a way where we all need to assist each other.

Yes, there is another other secret that we are going to share with you. Many of you may feel that there are worlds, star systems and galaxies that are what you would know as self-contained, meaning that they can depend just on themselves. They do not need to rely on a working cooperation, trade or alliance with anyone else. This would be a fallacy. This would be a severe misunderstanding of the mechanics, the design and the function of this 3rd dimensional universe. Here in this universe all planets, all star systems, all galaxies, everyone and everything in this entire universe depend on all the others in this universe. There is one of the secrets of this universe. This took incredibly intelligent beings millions of years to figure out. This was one of the greatest discoveries of all time in this universe.

What do you think about that? Do you think that this was an important discovery? Do you think that day that these beings finally realized this that that was a turning point, a milestone, a landmark conclusion? We say to you it was, and that moment when these beings figured this out is memorialized, it is celebrated throughout this universe. It is commemorated by so many different worlds and beings throughout this entire universe. We will say this is our 4th of July, our Memorial Day, our Thanksgiving or Christmas, yes. This is our holiday and we celebrate this holiday by, well, you guessed it, all gathering together on planets that have been created simply to be meeting places, gathering places for all these different worlds, and guess which planet was made just for this special occasion? You are right again when you say your planet Earth was made just for this. Yes.

Now you have yet another big secret revealed to you. Your planet Earth was designed as a great memorial to commemorate the discovery that all of the different worlds, and there are billions and billions of them throughout this universe, all need to work together to survive, to prosper, to allow themselves to be homes fit for kings and queens, for all beings throughout this universe are considered royalty. That’s right. There are no different classes throughout this universe or any of the higher realms, not at all. There is no what you would term a hierarchy, although there are ranks within our alliances, for this is a necessity as it is important to have some kind of structure, some kind of order, some kind of chain of command or it would be pretty hectic and chaotic, would it not? We are sure you can understand this, and this is why we have commanders and many different ranking officers and personnel. We just wish you to know this, that we do not structure our alliances as you may your military outfits, but we do have a chain of command as this is, and was seen as, very necessary.

So moving on with our discussion, your planet Earth has been built as a memorial for this discovery that all beings within this universe need to find a way to cooperate together, to partner with each other, and your world was created as a respite, if you will, as a vacation getaway, as a place where beings from all over this entire universe can come here and gather together and share their wisdom, their hopes and their dreams, their art, their song, their stories, their photographs, their video footage of so many different worlds throughout this universe and their love for each other, for their creator and for their home which is this entire shared universe.

So you see how important it is for many of the things to take place that we have discussed, and let us review them. Do you see how important it is to now take this beautiful world back from the clutches of these evil and dark ones who have, due to their greed and lust for power and lack of responsibility and compassion and any regard for safety and the well-being of others, be removed from this beautiful planet? Do you now see how grossly improper or inappropriate their existence is here on this planet? Now, you may ask a very obvious and pertinent question and we certainly understand this. You may say, ‘What in God’s name are they doing here?’ We love that question, and we want more of you to ask it before we answer it, for many of you have thought about this, but we do not see many of you talking about this with others and remember, you are not here just for yourselves, you are here to work with others, to cooperate with others, to share your ideas and your visions with others and bounce ideas back and forth with others just as  if you were in a big business meeting on the top floor of a skyscraper in one of your big cities.

Yes. Consider yourselves executives running a giant mega-corporation, as you call them. We wish you to have big and important boardroom meetings with each other day in and day out, and this would be your comments sections underneath our messages and other posts as well that reference your mission here and our mission with you. We do not wish to mettle too much in what we feel is your right to choose whatever it is you wish to post throughout your online communities, but we have to say, we see a large amount of information posted from our own Lightworkers that have absolutely nothing to do with your purpose here and our mission here with you. Yes, this is also regrettable for us to report, yet report it we must, for this is our job, is it not? We see sometimes what you don’t and we wish to be your eyes and ears from the perspective of the stars, of the higher realms, and so here is our report on this issue.

We report to you that there is an over abundance of content on your Internet posted by none other than our Lightworkers, not by minions of the cabal and not by, let us refer to them as third parties for now, for these are those that have either un-awakened or they are here for other reasons. You may consider them spectators here in a way, for this is kind of what they are doing and this is okay. Many of them are here just for this purpose, yes. When you have large sporting events or large concerts do you not have an audience? Yes, and that is just what is happening here. There is a great show unraveling, a great show commencing, and we say to you, what good is a show without an audience, for that is part of the fun, part of the experience, and it is this audience that will one day commemorate these events. They will write them into their history books and talk about these events long after many of our Lightworkers have gone on to their careers or returned back home to where they have come from.

Yes, many of you reading these words are not from here, as most of you already fully understand, and since you are not from here, do you really think that you are going to stay here? We do not mean that you do not have this choice, for some of you do, and we also say some of you don’t. Some of you do not even have a choice in the matter, for some of you do not belong here either, and we do not mean it is because you are a bad person or evil or a minion of the cabal or you haven’t done your lightwork, no, nothing like that. We just mean your people do not have a colony here, do not have villages here, you may say, although we do not wish for you to picture primitive villages. We mean settlements, which is a far more appropriate term we believe. Your people, where you come from in your world that may be in this galaxy or maybe in another, do not have a permanent or even temporary settlement here. They may have an embassy here, and many of you understand the concept of an embassy. An embassy is an office, if you will, a house or building that houses a few representatives from your world. In this way, your home world has eyes and ears and a voice here on issues that pertain to their world and to their universe around them.

So some of you are from worlds that have an embassy here, but there are also many of you here who do not even have an embassy here. Yes, and it is these individuals who will certainly be going back home or wherever it is they wish to after here, but Earth is not a place where all beings from this universe live on a permanent basis, no. Earth is, as we said, more a holiday retreat, a very special getaway for beings from all throughout this universe to gather together for short festivals or special commemorations or celebrations. Yes, this is what your planet Earth is. It is a holiday getaway. It is a summer retreat, that is what it is, so try to see it that way and understand now how many of you, our Lightworkers, will be going home after this and also how many beings that live on this planet right now will be returning to other places throughout this universe.

Just think of how this place will be compared to how it is now. It is going to be considerably barren, yes. This may surprise many of you, but the numbers of those of you on your planet, which exceeds seven or eight billion people we remind you, are going to be cut down considerably, and by this we do not mean they are going to suffer through the death experience, no. They will be returning home just as many of you are, in spaceships. Yes. Does this surprise you? Well, we feel it’s really going to surprise them, and we have news for them. This day is approaching for them too very rapidly. Yes. Is this surprising?

What pictures come to mind, what images come to mind, what kind of events come to mind when the populations of this world that have absolutely no idea that there is even life on other planets are informed that not only is there life throughout this universe, but some of this life is theirs and that they need to return to it now. Do you see what kind of chaos, fear and panic may ensue? Well, we certainly do. We have run considerable tests on this with test subjects and test models, yes. We leave nothing to chance. Many of your, what you refer to as ‘UFO’ sightings in your world, have been tests that we have conducted to learn how the populations of your world will react to this experience, and we report to you they did not react well. We will say that the majority of the human species ‘flips out’, as you say, goes crazy you may say. They ‘lose their minds’, to coin another phrase that you commonly use. In other words, they enter psychosis, which is the scientific or medical terminology. They lose all ability for rational thought and behavior.

What do you think about that? Is that alarming? Do you find that rather frightening, and do you see the importance of your work now? We speak to our Lightworkers now and we say to you, your job is to desensitize these beings. Your job is to prepare them for this, what is an absolute eventuality. They need to learn of our existence. They need to learn of their true history and they need to learn what it is they are going to experience in the near days ahead, and by ‘near days ahead’ we do not mean by the end of this year, for your ascensions to higher realms is something completely different here, we wish you to understand this. These beings do not need to understand ascension, for they are not ascending. Yes, many of you feel that everyone on your entire planet will be ascending along with your planet and this is not true. How this will all unfold is still a question that you need to answer yourselves, for you are creating this answer, yes, but we will say to you there are certain parameters, there are certain guidelines, if you will, there are certain rules, and one of these rules is that there is simply many of your world who are not ready or not prepared or who do not deserve ascension at this time or any foreseeable time in the near or even what you may term as distant future.

There. We have been be clear on this, and this is all  we wish to say to you about that, for we do not wish to mold or harness or blinker in any way your mission, your dreams, your creative powers. We say to you that you can create any future it is that you want, however, this does not include the futures of others, for they are creating the future it is they want. Do you understand the difference here? You cannot create for yourselves a future where every single living being on this planet ascends, for you would be violating their rights of free will and choice, would you not? So we hope you understand this, that even though there are some of you who wish and hope and dream that every single being on this planet will ascend, we say to you that is an impossibility and you are best to create for yourself the future that you yourself wish for yourself to experience and let others do the creating for themselves. This is only fair, right?

So we say there are these beings on this planet who will not be ascending and they will also not be staying here. Do you see the problem that is arising here? Do you see the bundle of joy that has been left on your doorstep? Well we see it, and we tell you that you are in for a handful, for we do not envy your task, and we wish to remind you it is your task. We cannot from our positions awaken these individuals by displaying to them our large and many spacecraft, no. As we have told you, we have tried this. We have experimented with this, and this procedure is not an efficient means to accomplish what is this task, no. This means is only suitable if you wish to make a human being lose his mind. We do not wish to make light of this, this is simply the truth, for displaying our spacecraft to certain individuals and groups and even large areas of population simply does not have any positive outcomes at all. These people scatter and run as if we were an invading force, for this is what many of them think. Many of them have been so conditioned that when foreigners, if you will, arrive at their shores or in their skies they think they are being invaded.

We must say that we can see and understand their perspectives, for there has been so much of this invading, of this conquering, of this pillaging of other communities throughout your entire existence here on this planet going back to even beyond the days of Atlantis and Lemuria. Yes. There was even some of that going on in the very early stages of the creation of your civilizations here, yes. We allowed these events to transpire, for there was always a lesson in them for your people to learn. We see that the memories of these tragedies, of this violence has been embedded so deeply in your core essences that many of you today, even if you have no conscious recollection or memories of any of these prior attacks, you see strangers and others as enemies and you see great danger when they appear to you.

We say to you, this will change, but it is not going to change anytime soon, and as we said, we have a schedule to keep and this hotel known as Earth, this beautiful summer resort is closing soon for restoration, we shall call it, for  this is just how we see it. Your planet Earth is a beautiful summer retreat. It has grand hotels and luxuries and swimming pools and tennis courts and croquet and barbecues and gardens and lawns and ocean villas and views, and we say to you, they must all be torn down and rebuilt anew. Yes. We have explained to you how this planet, your planet Earth, is a very special place where representatives from throughout this entire universe, royalty, because remember you are all royalty, every being in this universe is a royal, comes here to visit and stay for a while and gather together with their peers and discuss matters pertaining to this entire universe, and we say to you, do you see the condition of your planet the way it is now as a luxury resort suitable for this purpose, for the comfort and enjoyment of beings throughout this entire universe? No, not even close, and we think that you’d agree.

First of all, luxury summer resorts do not have gagging amounts of pollution in the air, no. Their lakes and streams and rivers and oceans are not polluted with tons of mercury and other serious contaminants, no. The fish are not dying in the lakes of a beautiful summer resort. The birds are not falling from the sky because they are breathing in noxious gases left by planes purposely to poison the human species on this planet. Yes, now you understand why countless bird species have dropped dead from the skies only to be found later in many piles throughout towns and villages and even cities throughout your world. Yes. They have breathed to death on the choking toxic fumes left by your chemtrail sprayers.

If there are those of you in your world today reading these words who do not understand what is going on in your skies, we will break it down for you right now to make it official once and for all and to clarify any misconceptions or confusions. There is a program right now being carried out by the cabal which entails the spraying of  noxious, poisonous and cancerous chemical compounds into your, what were at one time, blue skies. These chemicals find their way to the ground through cloud formations. Due to the weight of these chemicals after they gather together and bond with each other, they drop down from the sky into towns, villages and cities and onto your crops which become your food supply that feeds you and your families.

This is their plan. Their plan is to kill you. Yes. We made this point very simple and clear for all of you to understand. Their point here is not to sicken you, is not to enslave you, although those are also parts of their agenda, we wish to make that clear, but for all intents and purposes the chemtrail spraying that is being conducted in your skies through the use of planes is to simply kill you. Yes. You now understand this, and many of you already do. They are spraying you with poison. This poison is meant to kill you, yes.

Do you see now why it is so important to make these arrests of these members of the criminal cabal, and not what some are you are erroneously reporting as ‘containment’. We do not even know where this word or term ‘containment’ has come from. We wish to make it clear that there are those on your planet right now who are pretending, we will say, to channel information. We will even say they are committing a hoax or a fraud. Yes. They are not channeling any being of a higher dimension. They are not even channeling a being from your 3rd dimension, no. They are perpetrating a lie, a con, a hoax and they fully understand this. We wish you to know there are beings in your world who are pretty ruthless and they will go to any length to acquire their desires, and many of their desires are attention. It’s as simple as that. They are not making much, if any, money at all from these messages they purport to channel. Yes, we wish to make that clear, that this is not a moneymaking scam for them, no. This is a scam perpetrated to bring to them the attention that they desire. Yes.

When we say attention, what do we mean? Well, what they are doing is they are presenting themselves as channels of higher dimensional communications and this is feeding their egos, for they seek and need attention. They thrive on it. They love the attention that they are getting. Some of these individuals are quite cunning, and what they do is they read reports and messages from other channels and then they convert it into their own words, yes, and then they simply regurgitate it or repeat it, altering some of these words. Their intentions are not evil, we remind you. They are not paid minions of the cabal, no. What they are is foolhardy. What they are doing is causing great problems, confusions, difficulties and obstacles along your path of your mission. Yes.

So you see these individuals, although they do not mean to cause these great disruptions in our mission, are doing just that, and it is your job, it is your responsibility as Lightworkers to fish them out, as you say, of your pool. They do not belong in your Lightworker communities. We have advised you all along to use your discernment and we see many of you are giving this your best and most valiant efforts and we greatly appreciate this and say job well done, but we also say to you that many of you are not going all the way with your discernment, meaning, you are not reaching your full potential in this regard. What we wish to see you do is to eradicate this, what we shall refer to as a very unproductive infestation of your lightworker homes, your online communities.

We do not wish for you again to weed out the members of the cabal. We saw that many of you have attempted this and have done rather well compiling your lists of who you suspect is a paid minion. Right now, what we are saying to you is your assignment is to now point out to others who you feel is a channel who is merely channeling a reflection of their own limited vision, belief systems and fears, and those channels who are purposely propagating a con or a hoax in order to garner for themselves simple, and what is to them much needed, attention. We say to you and we wish you to remember this, that we wish you not to insult another. We wish you to tread very lightly and very politely and respectfully here. Here is a sample comment that you may leave under one of these suspected individual’s posts, a post that will appear as if they are channeling someone, but they are not.

‘I honor and respect the views of this channel and the views of all others at this time and all times, but I respectfully say that this, what is labeled a channeled communication, is not in my perspective a communication from a higher dimensional being. No channeled communication from a higher dimensional being would speak of containment of the cabal as a suitable means to rid the world of this problem, of this great infestation of evil and darkness, no. I ask those of you reading my words now, what it is you think that containment would do to minimize the choking stranglehold that the cabal has on this planet.’

We say to you that containment is not any part of this plan to free your world from the cabal, and it has not ever been a part of any plans we have for this world. If there are channels in your world who are claiming to communicate with higher dimensional beings and they are claiming that containment is the answer and the answer is not arrests of all the members of the criminal cabal and their associates, then they are perpetrating a fraud, whether they understand this or not, this is what they are doing, for they are perpetrating the dissemination of fraudulent material. They are spreading lies and disinformation which are leading to confusions for the men and women on your front lines.

Yes, we must report this to you at this time, that there are Armed Forces divisions and there are police organizations who are, through our middleman who act as contacts with them, questioning their assignments. They are asking us if they are to make containments of these cabal members or to go ahead with these arrests. Do you see what these so-called channels of communication are doing? They are causing a great mess here. They are causing confusions to run through the ranks of your brave men and women on the front lines whose job it is to make these arrests and containment is not even an issue here, is not a part of the plan and never has been, though there are many of your Armed Forces leaders and commanding officers who are now questioning their directives and are now confused as to whether they are to move their military units into positions to contain the members and associates of the criminal cabal.

We ask those of you reading our words right now, what would containment do, and what does this even mean exactly? Are you going to contain the cabal to say a certain state or a certain city or a certain office building? We say to you, what would stop this leader of the cabal from picking up his telephone and ordering more poisonous gases to be sprayed over your hometown? We ask you, what would stop these members of the cabal from continuing their agenda to commit genocide, to strip every living human being of their rights and their health? We say to you, this is their agenda, and their agenda is moving along just as well as our mission is moving along.

Do you understand the problem here? One of these two sides must win this battle for this planet, and that is what it is. You can call it anything you like. You can sweet soak it as long as you’d like and it’s going to come out in the same way every time. There is a war going on on this planet and for this planet. There, you have heard it in the most plain terms we can use, and if there are those of you who are so offended by the word war, then we remind you of why you are here. You are here because you are on a mission, and what does the word mission connote in your mind? Does it conjure up pictures of a picnic, of a barbecue, of a day at the beach? No. You can go on and on with your spiritual talk about how love is the answer and we do agree with you, it is the answer, but it is not the answer that the members of your cabal understand or accept.

Do you understand that love only works when both sides agree that love is the solution? We hope you understand this, and we hope you continue to apply love to your allies and to the lives of others around you, but we say love bounces off these members of the cabal, for they do not understand love, they do not resonate with love, they despise love. Love to them is disgusting. It is an infestation to their homes which are dark and they are not light. Their homes are built of darkness, for they are dark beings. This is who they are. They are not light beings like you, so don’t try to pitch to them your love.

Have you seen what some of your posts about love do to them and how these posts cause them to respond violently, lashing out at you with curse words and threats to you? You see this. Why do you think they are responding in this way? It is because love is a foreign invasion to them. It is something they do not understand. They are not made of love. They are not God’s creatures, no. You may find this very surprising to believe that the one you call God, the one we call our Creator, did not create them.

There. You have once again another great secret that we are revealing to you and they, at all cost, do not wish us to do this. This is why they are attacking our channel Greg so, for they are so incredibly frightened at the information that we are releasing through him that they have launched a great smear campaign against him. He has received threats of violence. He has received threats of legal litigation against him, and yet he continues to report every single word that we ask him to, for he is fearless, for he is made of light. Yes. There are those of you who actually have the gall to call him a dark worker, to call him evil, to call our channel Greg a minion of the cabal. How incredibly insane is that? Day in and day out he reports these messages to you and we, through him, urge your officials to make these arrests of the criminal cabal, yet there are those of you who somehow have convinced yourself he is a paid minion of the cabal, that he is in bed with the cabal. How does this even make sense?

We ask you, how do some of you look yourselves in the mirror after taking hours out of your day simply to slander and smear and insult our channel? We say to you, we have had enough of you. You are made of light. You, the ones that are attacking our channel, are Lightworkers. The cabal has been kept to a minimum on this. We have made sure of this, yes. There you have it. We are revealing to you parts of our mission that we never thought we would have to. What we are doing is, to make this point clear to you; we have found a way to minimize the attacks against our channel Greg by the paid minions of the cabal. Yes.

You may have noticed that a few of the persistent attackers have suddenly disappeared from your Lightworker communities. Why is that, do you suppose? Do you think that they suddenly have seen the light and they now refuse to accept paychecks from the cabal, paychecks that could be pretty lofty at times? No, they did not see any light and they will not be seeing the outside of a jail cell anytime soon either. Yes. We simply had our Earth allies, which are the men and women of your Armed Forces and your official law enforcement communities of your world knock on their door with a search and arrest warrant. Yes. Their crime? Conspiracy to commit fraud and genocide. Yes, genocide. Why genocide? They are paid minions of the cabal, are they not? The cabal is pushing forth an agenda to commit genocide of the entire human population on this planet. These paid minions are employees of the cabal. They are doing the cabal’s dirty work towards this agenda. They are not doing the cabal’s laundry. They are not washing the cabal cars or dusting their mansions, no. They are the cabal’s minions, their pawns, if you will, on the front lines, so they are just as guilty as the highest ranking members of this criminal organization.

So we say to you, do you see how important it is that your Earth allies make these arrests, for if it were not for your Earth allies making these arrests who would, and who would be able to stop these members of the cabal from perpetrating this dastardly agenda to kill, yes kill and leave to rot on the ground every single member of your human family?  You now understand this a little clearer, and we wish to see this today by you leaving your comments beneath our message that you now clearly understand how important it is to make these sweeping arrests of the members and associates of your criminal cabal. We ask you to do this, for we need to understand that you understand this, for there are so many members of our own Lightworker communities who are taking a stand against our messages that arrests of the criminal cabal are a necessary component to your prosperity, to your freedom, to your future here on your planet.

We do not know what it is these individuals are smoking, as you say, and we do not wish to be insulting, but we rather like that term and to be honest with you, we use it a lot up here. Yes. Is that a surprise to you to learn that we too have a sense of humor? We find that expression pretty funny, and pretty suiting as well, for there are some of you that are smoking something in your pipes that are making you hallucinate and believe that your new world will come to you while the members of the criminal cabal are still running loose. We do not even understand how any of you who understand who and what the cabal is would believe this. We think you are just not thinking this through. We are thinking that you are blinded so much by your passion for love and light and all things sweet and pretty, to be blunt about this, that you are not seeing the forest for the trees. You are not seeing what needs to be done for you to enjoy these fruits that will be bestowed upon you through the tree of cooperation in this universe.

The cabal does not know how to cooperate. Do you think they are suddenly going to sit down and play nice with you? No. They are going to continue to plot and scheme to kill you. If this is not enough for you to drop this charade that we can present to them flowers and they will suddenly burst into tears and say ‘Oh my! What have I done?’ No, and this silliness, this nonsense, this blasphemy, this lie of containment must stop. We do not know who invented this word, but we say to you if you are another channel reporting this lie and you are reading Greg’s words so you can sprinkle your fictitious communications with the information we are sharing to him we say to you, drop your charade right now, for you are going to find yourself in hot water very soon. Yes, for you too are committing a fraud. You too are perpetrating a hoax and a con and you too are assisting the cabal, and there may come a day and it may come soon when there is a knock at your door by men and women with guns and a warrant in their hand.

What do you think about that? Do you think we are bluffing? Well, we wish you could ask some of the members of the cabal who have been attacking our channel Greg if they think we are bluffing because they see now we were not, and they now understand the severity of their crimes, for the charges against them have been read and they are not happy. They will be sitting in a jail cell throughout this entire ascension period of your world. They will miss it all, and all for greedy little dollars that they will never get to spend. Yes, that’s right. All of the money that they have accrued, all of the money that they have so greedily stashed away by selling out their human family they cannot even touch it now, for it has been confiscated, yes, and it will be returned to the people of this world who are its rightful owners, yes.

Every single penny that the cabal possesses is rightfully yours, yes, and we have already shared this with you, but we will once again, for we feel it is news that many of you have waited for. Yes, there will be prosperity packages presented as gifts to each and every member of the human family and this day will come soon enough. Yes, there is another secret that has been kept from you for a long time and for very good reasons, but all of the money, and we are speaking countless trillions of dollars, yes, we are speaking of money that is life changing, will be presented to each and every family and each and every individual and organization within this world. When you think about that do you, the members of the human family, find that exciting? Do you find it exciting that you will be able to forget all about money for once and forever, because you will.

This is how much money we are talking about. We are talking about hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars for each of you, and because you do not have much time left here on this planet we say, if you spend wisely and spend thriftily, you will never have to worry about money again. Yes, there will be some of you that blow through your wad of money in a week and we believe this could be, as we have seen our channel Greg show that he can be quite a spendthrift when he has any kind of money. Then we say to you and we say to him, be very careful with the money that you will be receiving, for it can be spent, we wish you to understand this, and you will be broke again.

We say to all of you to take great care of this money and do not blow it like Rockefeller, as you say in your world, which is another expression that we love very much, for much of the money that all of you will be receiving is coming straight from the pockets and the vaults of the Rockefeller clan. Yes, there you go. We usually do not wish to mention other’s names here through our messages, for we feel there are certainly those who possess certain rights in your world and we do not wish to infringe upon these rights of privacy, though there are others who are fair game, as you say, who are an open target, and the Rockefeller family is one of them.

We wish to remind you that not all the members of the Rockefeller extended family are evil, no, they are not. Some of them are kindhearted beings of light, yes. There you are. You have another secret.  Their families are split, if you will, they are divided. They are not one in the darkness. There are many individuals of their families who are beings of love and light, of compassion, tolerance and understanding, and they are not greedy like some of the darker members of their family. So there you have a little breakdown on this one family. So we say to you, be careful who it is you are poking fun at all times, and know who it is you are targeting with your posts and comments, for not all of the individuals within certain families that you know of as Illuminati or cabal families are involved in this conspiracy against the people of your world.

We wish to make that very clear, but we will say the male leaders of these families, if you will, are very important and powerful figures of the cabal and the Illuminati as well, and it is they who will be forking over all of their monies, their ill-gotten gains, and it will be returned to the people of your world. So when you do receive these benefits, if you will, remember where they came from and perhaps send them a hello, as we think that they may enjoy this very much, and we are being sarcastic here.

We bid you adieu for today, and we say to you that we always enjoy our conversations with you very much, though we wish to remind you that there is a very important ‘game’ being played here, and perhaps game is not even the word we should use, for many of you feel this is a day at the beach, this is some sort of charade or game, but it is not. What is going on here is very serious. Is as serious as any war, and again, we use that word not to frighten, not to instill fear or panic or to try to ‘mind control’ you, whatever that means, by inserting words of doom and gloom within our message as some of you somehow believe. No, we use the word war because that is what is going on here when you have different military factions firing upon each other, one in the name of the light and one in the name of the dark. What would you call it? We ask you today, if you have a better word for this then go ahead and use it, but we do not, so we will continue to use the word war, for that is what is going on on your planet.

Again, simply because you do not see these reports on your news which are simply cabal communications and attempts at influencing your perceptions of your world, we say to you these battles, this war, is raging and it is raging all over your planet in many different ‘pockets’. These battles are being waged by forces of light, we shall refer to them, and we also refer to them as our Earth allies, for this is who they are, our allies, and they stand upon Earth. This is why they are called the Earth allies. There are those of your world who believe the Earth allies are the people of your world, the unarmed and untrained members of your communities and we say to you, no, this is not true. You are our Lightworkers. This is why we call you our Lightworkers and we call them our Earth allies.

Do you understand the difference? We hope you do, although we are all allies in this together, yes, but we do make a distinction when referring to you, so we will continue with our discussion again tomorrow and say to you today that we are all in this together. We are all allies, and the men and women on your front lines, they bleed, they hurt, they feel pain, they feel sorrow for their loved ones as well who are victims of cabal circumstances and their agenda. Yes. This is why they have committed so much to making these arrests.

Do not think for one moment that these men and women on your front lines do not know who it is they are arresting or why it is they are arresting them, for believe us when we say, they have been fully briefed and they have been fully educated on who the members of the cabal are and what they are doing to the human race and what their plans are, and what their plans are to annihilate, to commit genocide, to kill every single living human on this planet. This is all the motivation that they needed and they have taken it upon themselves, they have chosen, they were not ordered to do this. They have chosen, they have elected to bear arms and make these arrests and we say to you to back them, to support them, to send them your love and your appreciation, not to bash them or criticize them for making these arrests or believing that these arrests are unnecessary, for we tell you they are.

This containment lie must be stopped. It must be squelched, and we ask you, our Lightworkers, whenever you see a channel reporting, or someone that claims to channel, reporting that containment is the answer and this information is being shared from higher dimensional beings we say to you, put your foot down. Make your understandings about this known and clear to all, reminding you to be respectable. Do not insult anyone. There is a proper way to voice your opinions. We ask you to do this, and we ask you to ‘out’, if you will, these phony channelers who are not channeling anyone but their own egos for the purposes of media attention. We remind you as Lightworkers that this is one of the facets of your duties, and we ask you all to fulfill your oath as Lightworkers and to not pull any punches, for you are not playing a game here. This is war and all gloves are off, as you say.

We depart you now, but we leave you with this; remember always you are not alone here. You are backed by countless other beings from throughout this entire universe including the beings that are at this moment your brothers and sisters of your world. We are all one on this side. We are all one in light, and our job is to shine a light on the darkness of this planet and restore this planet to love, to light, to allow it to be a place where hopes and dreams can sprout like mighty flowers in a garden, in your garden of your Creator’s love, for that is how we see your world and we are the gardeners. We are sprinkling your garden with rain and we are shining upon your garden our sun, and we say to you to tend to your garden, do what you can to keep it pretty, and we say to you there will be a day when we can all sit together in our garden and smell the beautiful bouquet of our flowers that we planted together.

We are your brothers and sisters in arms, if this is what it will take, of the Galactic Federation of Light.

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