New Programs ~ Galactic Federation of Light 2/18/12

New Programs ~ Galactic Federation of Light 2/18/12

As Channeled Through Greg Giles

There are many programs that will soon be underway, and it is through these programs that humanity will be brought together as one. There will be many different programs launched, and people from all over the world and from all walks of life will participate, bringing so many together that otherwise would have possibly never met under any other circumstances. So you see how these programs are important to your world on many different levels? They will not only begin the vital cleanup of all your world’s pollution and other important tasks, but also repair the damage brought on by wars and other means that have divided so many of you and kept you separated.

There are those of the dark who purposely schemed to keep you all divided, separated from the rest of your human brothers and sisters. They feared you coming together as one, as this has always been the greatest threat to their power. They were correct in this thinking, as it is the coming together of humanity that today erodes their power to nothing more than endless scheming and plotting that gets them absolutely nowhere. This is all due to you, the people, coming together and saying ‘no, we will not stand for this any longer and we will not fall for the same old tricks and cons’. So many of you have taken an active role to inform your brothers and sisters of these ploys and tactics, and it is due to this open sharing of information that is strengthening your bond as one and seeing the end of this endless shell game of corruption and control.

We look just several years into your past and we see so many of you divided on so many fronts. Matters that hardly meant any difference to your prosperity, your freedom, and your survival, yet so many of you bought into these tricks to keep you preoccupied and divided. So many of you spent so much of your time and energy fighting amongst each other while the robber barons stole your money, your health, and your freedom. Today, we see so many of you finally ignoring the distraction game, and instead you focus your attention on the dastardly deeds of those who have plotted and schemed against you for so long. For this we applaud you, and we salute your efforts to inform your neighbors and put a stop to this madness. You are all making such a great difference, and wish you to know how appreciated your efforts are.

Many changes are now able to get underway now that the acts of those of the dark have been exposed by your light. Real change has not been experienced here in your world in any of your known history. Instead, change for you has crept along at a snail’s pace, holding you further and further back in the development you rightfully could have been experiencing. This was all part of the plan to keep you under someone else’s control. You are now breaking free of this control, and for this, your society will experience a boom of rapid development that none of you have seen throughout any of your recent incarnations here.

Your world can, and will, be completely transformed with a little help, but all due to your efforts to inform yourselves and to take action against those who have oppressed you so. Do you now see how important it has been all along to educate yourselves to the inner workings of your societies, whether this information was given to you through the six o’clock news or not? It was up to you, no one else, to find alternative sources of this vital information and act on it, and act on it you have. We are very proud of each and every one of you for these efforts, and assure you that you will receive the reward for such work very shortly.

We see many areas being broken down once we begin our many projects together. Not only will you be reunited with your human brothers and sisters who have been so separated from each other for so long, but you will also be reuniting with your stellar families you have also been long separated from. This will truly be a family reunion on many levels, and there are many surprises in store for you along the way.

We are very pleased at the efforts of so many of you who are paving the way for our arrival, and we wish to thank you at this time for your hard work and determination to change your world for the better. Your efforts will pay off, you can be assured of this, and every member of your human family will benefit greatly from your commitment today.

Again, we would like to get underway with these many important projects as soon as is possible, and we see the paths being cleared satisfactorily according to our schedule. You will soon see the initiation of certain key events that will trigger the launch of many simultaneous projects, and it is these projects that will bring us all together in a peaceful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Please continue to inform you brothers and sisters that there is no reason to fear us and our arrival, as we are only here to assist our human family make the many needed advancements that will see to the improvement of lives everywhere across your planet. The time for change here has come a long time ago, but you were denied this opportunity. You will not be denied any longer.

We are counting on many of you to see the upcoming arrests of many members of your criminal Cabal as a very positive sign of things to come, and we wish to ride that wave of positive energy and make our introductions to the people of your planet. We need your help to make this project a success and we are confident you will rise to the occasion as you have so often done. You will not be alone in your efforts as a mighty ally will be joining you, which are portions of your media companies. For decades these media outlets have been used as a very powerful means to control you, but now some of them will use their power to help free your people from the clutches of the dark ones. We see this alliance between two powerful forces, you the people and your media, as an unstoppable force that will spell the end for the rule of the Cabal and your isolation from the rest of this universe.

The free flow of information and idea has always been such a vital concept for your society, and you are about to witness the sheer force of this as the suppression of truth is finally lifted in the days ahead. Your world is set to experience a great leap into the future, and it can almost be said that you will be time travelers journeying to a future time period of your planet. The countdown has begun. Prepare yourselves for liftoff.

This is sure to be a very exciting period in your history for many of you, and we are excited to be a part of this experience with you. We will do all we can to ensure your safety throughout these changes, and we ask your cooperation in these many projects. This will be a community effort unlike anything many of you have taken part in before, and beings from all over your planet will be contributing in one way or another to achieve the same goal. This has never been attempted before here on your planet, and we are sure your worldwide efforts together will be recorded in your new history books and your story preserved for ages to come.

We see many of you making your intentions known that you would like to take part in these many projects, and we are very pleased with the reaction the news of these joint projects are receiving. In the days ahead further information about these opportunities will be made clear to you, and all your questions will be answered fully. For now, we will say that many of these projects will take place in many different parts of your world. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, will provide transportation to these areas, and you will also be returned to the areas that you live after your work shifts are completed. There will be several shifts within every day, and we see sufficient numbers of you willing to take part in these projects that will enable us to work around the clock towards each project’s completion.

There will be many different projects available to you, and you will be free to choose the particular project that interests you the most. You will be trained in each field that you wish to participate in, and the skills that you develop will never depreciate in their value, as there are also many other worlds that will require your expertise after this planet is restored to its pristine condition.

There are many benefits to working with us and we look forward to discussing these perks with you at the appropriate time. These projects will be getting underway soon, there can be no other way, and we look so forward to working with many of you. We see this day approaching quickly on the horizon, and we are looking so forward to meeting many of you face-to-face and being able to speak more personally with you.

Until then, keep up the fine work you are all doing that will lead you to your next steps to return your world to the paradise it once was. Please allow us the opportunity to assist you in this way, and through our collective efforts we will see the successful accomplishment of our mission.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles.


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