Monday, April 02, 2012 8:12 PM

> My friends, we are about to witness a massive change that has never before
been seen in our world- both financially, politically, spiritually, and
in every aspect of our lives. I have told you about the arrests that
are happening all over the world right now- bankers and politicians
being the biggest targets.
This is happening because over the years
several groups of very very informed men and women from the
military/pentagon, various 3 letter groups, and secret underground
groups from all over the world have banded together (with some very
special help ) to bring down the twisted deadly empire of the
Illuminati/NWO/dark cabal.

> These groups have made massive sacrifices to insure that the rest
of humanity on this planet will have a chance to be free. They are
currently on the cusp of the launching of a new global economic
initiative that will end global debt and return us to a commodities based
financial system.

> There are several groups involved and several “Prosperity Packages”
that will be launched very very soon. These packages will end global
poverty and end the serfdom and slavery that has been imposed on us by a
group of greedy men intent of owning and controlling everything. One of
many important factors of this global economic change over is the
Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar.

> This was originally planned by Bush as a means to make him and his
cronies very very very wealthy, but through his fumbling of the invasion
of Iraq (and his stupidity) the news of the revaluation leaked out to
the public and now millions of people have invested in buying Iraqi
Dinars. Because of this, Bush and the Illuminati/Dark cabal have done
everything in their power to stop the revaluation from happening- having
the main stream media call it “A Scam”, even creating back doors into
the computer systems to steal the money when the new rates go live.

> THIS is the main reason for the arrests that happened this past
week. Arrests that are rumoured to include Bush Jr & Sr. Hilary
Clinton, and Bill Gates (who orchestrated the 40 back doors that were
found in the computer system)- It is also said that Timothy Geithner was
arrested and questioned on the 24th and released with a “body guard” to
make sure he doesn’t leave the country. At the same time that the IQD
is revalued well over a hundred other currencies will also be revaluing….

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