I Will Not Be Posting Greg Giles Message


I Will Not Be Posting Greg Giles Message

By C K Rich

I have felt that there were issues with Greg Giles messages and have had to screen his messages before. Now do to the latest events, especially the nature of his latest post…

I will not be posting his message on this or any other site.

I am not completely sure what went wrong in his case, but his last message proved to be full of more misinformation than many others. I can only assume that he was not getting his messages from those of the Light…but possibly just the opposite!

I must state to those following this blog that much of what his last message stated about Ascension, the Cabal and other topics was completely wrong! Use your discernment and look into your hearts and you will soon see this to be true.

All the Lightworkers, Earth Allies, Resistance Movement and many others cannot be more wrong than one person. If I were a person reading this blog, I would not even bother trying to find his last message nor read it. It will only fill you with more misinformation.

I’m sure there will be a bit more on this topic from others. I do not wish any harm to Greg Giles as he has put much of his time and effort into doing what he did. At this point I can only wish him the best in the future with all he does.

Let’s all give Greg Giles our love and hope he doesn’t go back to his 3D ways of addictions.

If there were any messages at all that I would choose to listen to, it would for sure be SaLuSa, John Smallman,Sheldan Nidle and Archangel Michael among a few others. But since that is what this writer chooses to post here on this blog, you will have no troubles finding these messages.

We are all in this fight for Liberation together and there is always bad along with the good in any fight for Freedom and Liberation! Please leave it at that and go on with your lives, giving no more thought and energy to the topic.

Great things are about to happen and the fireworks are about to begin!


C K Rich



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