Poofness ~ Shake, Rattle and Roll 4-15-12

Poofness ~ Shake, Rattle and Roll 4-15-12

Posted by John MacHaffie

By Poofness

Greetings and Salutations,

So Now everybody has something to say and they are all dropping their opinions. Truth is not anyone’s opinion, it is what it is. Whether anyone agrees with it is is totally immaterial. Politics are immaterial, the one undeniable fact is the whole world is going thru a remarkable change and best thing for people to do, is roll with the flow, as there is no human that can stop it. The matrix is kicking butt and these ‘brain scientists’ can’t define it with all the equipment they have, which also means they stop it. Even people that are most ignorant of global stuff, sense something is going on, tho they can’t explain it. Just we in the west don’t believe in everything Chinese, doesn’t mean they don’t have tangible effect on the whole.

If you were paying attention to what Iceland did this week, you’d get a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen in the west. Out with old garbage, enter a new day for it’s people. Even the cabal folks have quieted themselves a bit, as their friends are silently, going away. There are massive coordination activities going on between the east and west, as that moment for the great historical flip arrives. My job was always to tell you there’s a tsunami coming, of epic proportions so, you’d be ready and not get tripped out by what it looks like. Make sure your surf boards are waxed. Any surfer will tell you when the conditions are ‘right’ for a big one(wave) even if he can’t tell you the moment it’s arriving. It’s at the point where a country’s leader can be against the change all they want but when the moment is called, that big wave will roll over them, like ducks on a beach. Nothing evil, it’s just nature doing it’s thing. If conditions are right and you’ve been warned, ‘something this way comes’, act like you know, otherwise, you’ll have nothing to say when you find yourself upside down, in a rather awkward place. Pay attention.

There isn’t anyone who holds a candle to me, in grouchiness. I got started 30 freakin’ years ago on the ground level stuff. This is not a good ear to whine to. I know what these clowns have been up to, with their ‘secret societies’ and things. The murders that have been committed to keep themselves in power. They made a grave error in their calculations, they didn’t figure in that the universe was conscious so discounted any opinion that was against theirs’. Technology alone, will not suffice. You must have an intellect above that of a retarded ant. It’s called commonsense. If you knew there was plenty for every one, wouldn’t you work from that knowledge rather the one of lack? It will be very interesting to watch how people act when there’s plenty to go around, no need or want to steal. Will that condition bring out other repressed desires having to do with controlling others? The matrix will provide some ‘electrified stimuli’ for that behavior. Nasty behavior is being evolved out of the human being and all without, killing anyone. People will take their own selves out of the world, control freaks need ‘subjects’ to pontificate on, otherwise they get depressed, ordering their own selves around.

Shake, rattle, and roll, folks. Word to me is my job is at an end. Everyone has been sufficiently warned about the change hitting the world, I’m ready for what’s coming and I hope something in your gut has you ready, too. Consonants, adverbs, and pronouns, will only get you so far, then the ‘dumbfounding’ hits….silence. This is arriving at your door like a lightning bolt on a clear day. The time is now, No one can tell you the moment your door bell sounds off or that door knock comes, too many lives have been lost over this thing already. I can just say, the sky looks right and the wind is blowing in the right direction. The sun is rising in the east, balance is being restored in the world….
Have fun…

Love and kisses,


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