Poofness – 3-4-12 ARE YOU REALLY READY?

Poofness – 3-4-12 ARE YOU REALLY READY?

Greetings and Salutations;

A few days ago a vip flew out of the us, with military guard,  to put an end to this long wait, everybody who’s somebody in the  this whole thing, also showed up at the same place. It was a  kind of ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ thing. The ‘wrap  up’, if you will. It was always going to come, one just needed  the patience to wait and not go off, with your hair on fire  screaming…’it’ll never happen!’ If you believe we’re all going  to hell in a hand basket, I can’t help you nor can anyone else.  Time certainly moves along, and you’ll always see the results of  your beliefs….if there are others that don’t share them,  you’ll see that, too. Like people turning their back on you  because you’re no fun to be around….always got something  negative to say. One must necessarily decide on whether they  will live in fear of everything or choose to look at the light  at the end of the long dark tunnel. The wrap on me is, I don’t  see the Real world and all this happy talk is a result of being  a babe in the woods. ‘Scuse me, maybe I don’t choose to give  energy to the obvious in this world. You can always find a  ‘turd’, in the woods, can you find the fruit or the good  mushrooms? That determines whether someone survives the woods,  doesn’t it?

Big work was going on last week, right up to this day. Nasty  computer problems meant to steal from you that had to be fix,  trick is, the folks have gotten better at locating and  identifying problems when they find out. Then another length of  robe is added to the noose. I say this because some would rather  it be done differently, so would I. The nasty folks don’t want  it any different, because they can’t handle not being in power,  or having peace. You might say why would anyone go against  common sense…as was put to me, ‘It’s because “they can”.  There’s that ‘free will’ clause working. Yea, you can jump off a  cliff but it doesn’t change the results. Until you know how to  walk on water, better act like you know…something. You know  what ‘assume’ means. Don’t do it now, what’s arriving in it’s  totality is, going to turn brains to mush. The world is not  going back “no matter if you don’t like it”, you will go where  your ‘parents’ take you. So roll that lip back up.
By the way, I didn’t write a newsletter on sat and I think you  know, I’ve limited the dropping of names on the net, that’s what  got mr story in trouble. Just because you know something, you’re  not compelled to tell it. Hey, if you have a death wish….tell  everything, keep talking until ‘someone’ shuts you up. That  which is taking place right now, is going to change everyones’  concerns on this planet. More than money.

Are my bags packed? No, but they are sitting under my clothes,  I’ve ‘zenned out’ all those things, simplifying everything. I’m  ready to leap on the fun part of my job. This has had it’s time  but now it’s grown tiresome. How many ways can you say the same  thing? Time to move on. As some have said, ‘I’m glad you’re  still writing but I Will be glad when you’re not ‘there’ on  sunday’, anymore..please don’t take that wrong’. LOLOLOL ‘None  taken’. There are other ways to know the time is here and beyond  the daily blah, that’s where I pay attention. ‘To every season,  there’s a ‘time”. That alone is blowing up some time lines out  here. Some are digging in, others are embracing it, the ‘time’  was always going to be unusual. Now Breathe, it’s going to be  weird, for a minute, but you’ll get used to it, then you’ll  think it’s normal….wouldn’t have it any other way. Gonna push  off now, maybe this is the very day, we’ve all seen the ‘poof’  newsletter for the very last time.

Love and Kisses;



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