Poofness – 3-25-12 — WOW – THE MATRIX

Poofness – 3-25-12 — WOW – THE MATRIX

By “Poofness”

Greetings and Salutations;

What I’m about to introduce to you, explains why you have no
concerns about any of the bad guys being able to steal your money. The
‘matrix’ has been engaged on planet earth. The new system is transparent
and the matrix targets any one trying to do what they have no business
doing, with money. As an example some folks tried to run off with a
bunch of gold, as soon as the transaction began, it was targeted and the
culpable folks were immediately arrested. It reminds me of a sentient
computer. It’s intelligence is faster than humans’ and can’t be
‘negotiated’ with. If your wrong, you’re wrong and even you know it. It
is responsible for these massive arrests and resignations across this
planet. Free will does not cover you stealing, go ahead with the attempt
but you’ll never get away with it. The bad guys reading this will
realize why many of their last attempts have failed miserably. There is
no black ops operation that is not seen or a determination made about
it. You could say, this is how the divine is interacting on the planet
Now rather than some time in the future. The clouds have already parted
and only they who really listen to that ‘quiet voice’ know it, because
they need fireworks to get it. It’s not about what people believe, what
Is….IS. I suggest watching the matrix series again.

Because of this, the aims of the St Germain Trust will see
their manifesto fulfilled and be unstoppable. “We are shifting the
wealth of the world and the bad guys will not sniff any of this money”.
No one gives a hoot about politics. What is ‘right’ is taking place, and
there’s more power with it than against it. The dragons simply enhanced
the operation. No sense in wasting your time, determining who’s guilty
of what and sitting on your ‘judgement’ of things, the shock to the
reality will be quite consequential, no one is getting away with
anything untoward. Cease burning up useless energy…it ‘s All being
handled. If it’s unconstitutional it will go up in vapors, you will be
told so you never let this happen again to your country. The supreme
court is not outside of this action, I suspect a few of them will be
retiring early. The charge will be treason. The valkyries have joined
the fat lady and they are singing in high c over c. So I suggest you men
watch your attacks on women, they aren’t pleased and you may be joining
them singing in a high voice.

I see, folks have been joining in the dialogue on the dinar
sites, trying to quell the hysteria, but few listen to them. There are
195 countries going thru a currency revaluation so it’s world wide not
just limited to the dinar. It All goes more or less at once, it Has to
happen because there’s new banking system engaging so, stop tripping.
When you see the rvs show up in the treasury and forex, Then you’ll know
what that rate is, no amount of speculation and ‘my source said’ is
going to change that, and the bankers don’t even know the day. Some can
tell you what’s on the back screen but they don’t know when it goes
public. They don’t run anything in the new system, they’ve all become
employees on the new plantation. They just better make sure their own
business is straight, inside of the matrix….

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