The Pleiadian Council of Nine: Humanitarian Efforts and Sightings of Galactic Federation Light Ships

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: Humanitarian Efforts and Sightings of Galactic Federation Light Ships

Channeled through Wes Annac

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and we are speaking to you through many conduits and scribes at this time while at the same time, taking part in the subtle disclosures that are being given to all those who know which signs to look for.

We have been showing ourselves in very veiled ways in your skies, and this is a subject that has been discussed very much and will continue to be discussed for the recent grants of ‘authority’ that we were given that have been discussed as well through other sources, saw that we were able to act in accordance with the overall collective freewill-manifested energies of humanity, which includes any new and pure Lighted energies manifested by the many Lightworkers now existing beautifully upon Gaia’s surface, to show ourselves to you in ways that can get your attention if you employ the belief that such showings of ourselves to you could be possible.

It certainly is, and many of you will begin to notice anomalies that we send you in your skies.

We say that this occurrence will pick up as humanity grows more and more and as you ready yourself as a collective for the experience of disclosure and of ascension alike.

Of course, the changes that you have been hearing about are to precede the overall Earthly ascension that is to result from the
energies manifested by you as a collective from such changes, and we can say that the New World that you are quickly growing, learning and heading to, is so very different from your reality that the two will seem very much like day and night.

Complete opposite experiences these will be, and many of you are already finding many things that have been exposing and breaking the paradigms that you have instated in yourselves whilst you underwent this Earth experiment.

You are ‘earning’ more and more the right to be able to see us in your skies, and we have taken to the basic ‘Light in the sky’ approach very much whenever showing ourselves to you. In these scenarios and instances that we speak of, we are speaking for the Galactic Federation as a whole. We are taking part ourselves in such showings of our craft, but we must stress that this is a Federation-wide effort to be in your skies and to have our many awakening Lightworkers notice us in your skies….

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