The Pleiadian Council of Nine: Expect Much Truth and Light to be Brought Forth

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: Expect Much Truth and Light to be Brought Forth

Channeled through Wes Annac

As you grow as a collective and newer strides are reached, so do planned events change in minute or bold ways. There are many plans that have been set forth and some of these plans have been discussed but dear souls, not everything has been set in stone.

We should explain that we have been closely following every possibility and scenario that has been brought forth by the Angelic souls who are Guiding us in our endeavors in assisting Earth, and we have been convening with many different Councils over the best possible plans of action in relation to the neutralization of the elites on your world, who would otherwise continue to wreak havoc if our intervention would not take place.

Either way, bold and uprooting change is to be taking place on your world and currently, this change is occurring at a personal level within your cores as many of you are finding the intense uprooting of your former selves. The Light-holding that has been taking place on your world by so very many incarnate starseeds who have incarnated on your world for the very purposes of holding the Light, is seeing the collective consciousness shift in very profound ways and in ways that we have been anticipating for some time.

There are now millions of incarnate wanderers and starseeds upon your beautiful blue world, and those of you who are opening up to your true and full, higher selves in many pure ways are also the ones who are going through the most intense and uprooting lessons at present.

The lessons that you are going through, while in many cases being intensely difficult and bringing you to your cores in many instances, are literally shifting the collective perception and consciousness and since there are millions of you who are holding very pure Light while subsequently going through very intense Life lessons, the overall collective consciousness is shifting in a way that the [seemingly] bolder and less forgiving physical actions on your world are less and less becoming a necessity.

We have intended to let you dear souls in on as much information as possible in relation to the unfolding events on your world but there is indeed much that cannot be disclosed due to the sheer nature in which our plans can change, in quite bold ways, in accordance with the rising Light energies and the continually pure Light-quotient of the majority of humanity.

Many unawakened souls on your world are finding themselves going through much more difficult Life lessons as they are pushed toward discovering the distorted nature in which they have been experiencing your beautiful world and the beautiful consciousness that accompanies third dimensional Life.

The crucial balance that is needed for the collective whilst much energetic uprooting and subsequent collective and individual learning is taking place, [sees that] we must be extremely careful as to how we proceed with the events which are to take the elites on your world away from their positions of influence while subsequently informing humanity of all that has happened on your surface for nearly a millennia.

The Light quotient is seeing these events able to manifest in the time windows that have be hoped for and as has been endlessly expressed, there is indeed a set time and date for the complete removal of the dark souls on your world, in whichever way it is to be specifically brought about.

We say that at present, there is no concrete decision and [again] nothing is set in stone as to how the ultimate removal of the influence of these souls is to take place. The scenario of these souls being arrested publicly in mass numbers was one that was widely weighed-on and heavily considered to the point that we and many others began to become comfortable with expressing this scenario unfolding through channels, but what was perhaps missing from some of the communications was the truth that even that scenario was not as set in stone as many of us within our Councils of the Galactic Federation had anticipated.

This entire endeavor has been an immense learning experience for us, as we are helping you to ascend to the states of consciousness we currently exist in and enjoy quite immensely, while at the same time receiving Guidance and continual advice from the souls Guiding us who are further along their paths, and these would be the souls whom you know best as the Archangels and Angels, Ascended Masters and such….

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