The Pleiadian Council of Nine: A Call to Humanity to Begin Utilizing your Collective Potential

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The Pleiadian Council of Nine: A Call to Humanity to Begin Utilizing your Collective Potential

Channeled through Wes Annac

The scope to which this overall Lighted operation that is currently
underway has been planned out will truly boggle your minds and have you
wondering how such an organized and carefully planned out effort was not
discovered or known about, even by the very dark souls who have been
trying to stop this plan.

The dark on your world are just as perplexed as you will be as to how
these operations have been and will be panning out in favor of
abundance and Joy being returned to your world, and the reason that we
are able to bring forth such complex and intricate plans without the
knowledge of the dark on your world who have thought themselves to be
all-knowing, is because there are many ascended beings whose
intelligence and understanding far outweigh any of those of the souls on
your world still attempting to get their way and win every ‘battle’
through any despair and any conniving means that they could think of.

More than anything, these souls need Love sent their way and this is a
topic and truth that has been discussed in previous messages. These
souls cannot thrive without the density and hate manifested continually
on the surface of Gaia, and if they were to be sent pure Love
unconditionally it would disempower their dark agendas and moves
substantially, which is why we make the call now for you to begin to
collectively beam these souls as much and as pure Love as you can.

We recommend you all begin to get together in organized discussion
groups, perhaps through the power of your internet which spans countries
and continents. You cannot move forward on your world without making
the collective effort and seeing the resulting progress play out, and we
can feel that many of you are quite connected with each other through
the realms of the astral and through previous experience with each

The internet has rekindled many strong and Loving relationships
between awakened and unawakened souls alike, and it is with the internet
that we recommend the startup of various forums and discussion groups
related to not just the beaming of Love to the dark souls on your world
who are clinging desperately to power, but related to other issues that
have needed discussion as these things have been ignored for the most
part by those in power and influence…..

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