The Path of Awareness – Part 1 | The 2012 Scenario

The Path of Awareness – Part 1 | The 2012 Scenario

Written by Steve Beckow

I actually found the last two posts on the perils as well as the
rewards of lightwork so exhilarating that I’d like to share more.

I said that we have different paths as lightworkers. Just to
illustrate. I have a friend who forgives herself and others as part of
her path. The equivalent action for me is to look inside, see what the
truth is and then communicate it. That act for me results in the same
release as forgiveness might for her and, because it brings release, is
the equivalent of forgiving myself. Same destination; different route.

Perhaps forgiving myself and others may be an easier path! I don’t
know. I just prefer the path of truth and awareness and, frequently,
it’s simple preference that decides which path we take.

Until recently, I didn’t share much on my own path of awareness
because I believed that it was shared by most people. Sharing about it
seemed unnecessary. But events of the recent past have suggested to me
that that appraisal may not be the case. In fact, it may have been
shared by most people many years ago, but perhaps not now.

It may be the case that the intervening years, which I thought saw
the path survive and grow, may not have seen it prosper. Certainly the
cabal did everything it could after the decades of the Sixties and
Seventies to defeat lightwork. So maybe our knowledge of the path of
awareness did not blossom in quite the way I thought.

I’m going to take the chance that it may not have and begin to communicate about it.

The path of awareness is something that draws on the spiritual
insights of people like Ramana Maharshi and the Zen masters, but extends
them into everyday life in a way that they had not previously been
extended. Another name for the path of awareness is consciousness
raising or the growth movement.

The earliest and the single biggest motivator for consciousness
raising was the civil rights movement and its leading proponent was Dr.
Martin Luther King. The motivation was thereafter taken up by the
feminist movement, which took consciousness raising to a whole new

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