A Pacifying Light ~ A Major Corner Was Turned…

A Pacifying Light ~ A Major Corner Was Turned…

By Kauilapele

Posted on March 24, 2012

In “The 3-21-12 Mauna Loa Mission
post, I wrote, “In my own operation, something felt as if there was a
pacifying of the Pacific, followed by a Light, being assisted in rising
from the Pacific.” That is true. Somehow this Light was rising from the
Pacific. A pacifying Light. Almost a soothing Light.
Just today, I realized that, on 3-21-12, a major corner had been
turned. As if we were now on a road that was entirely new, entirely
fresh, entirely peaceful. And during this earlier post, it was coming through that, “the High Dimensional Energetic input from the 3-21-12 will initiate the “grandness” of this upheaval”, and that, as a result, “Nothing will appear the same afterward. To anyone.”

That is what I sensed today. And when it came through that “A Major
Corner was Turned” on that day, I had no recollection of what was
written in the earlier post.

Then I noticed one of the many comments on The 3-21-12 Mauna Loa Mission post. It was from Moose.

“March 21st, I believe we jump a new timeline… A positive one.”
Thank you, Moose, and thank all of you for your comments.

Okay, then. We have turned a corner. We have turned a big one. We are on a new timeline. Call it what you will.

We are being assisted in this at every step of the way. Do not fall
into that trap of going back to the old street, where fear messages were
heard, acknowledged, and attuned to. That is not the new street we are
now on.

We who have aligned to this new path are now completely attuned to
this Higher Light, to Peace, and to a Peaceful traversing of this New
Territory in which we find ourselves. We may observe “stuff” happening,
around us, even within us. But we are observers only. We are not
participants in anything going on along that former road, in that old neighborhood….

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