Notes on ‘POOF’ interview…

Notes on ‘POOF’ interview…

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C K Rich:  Understand that this interview was done around the Oct 15th mark, so take that into consideration with events and timelines.


POOF INTERVIEW Saturday, December 1 NOTES
Saturday, December 1, 2012, 3:45 PM

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!! What a message!!!!!!!!!!
Friday, November 30, 2012 6:00 PM

Yesterday I sent the link out of this interview. I listened to it and went back to listen to it again and it was taken down. Insiders said they were asked to so maybe that’s a good thing, then again time will tell.

Below are the notes of the call, if you missed it.

Brian Interviews Poof on 10.15.12, released 11.29.12

Poof: He was asked to hold up the torch until they got the job done and that is the transfer of the wealth of the world into the little people’s hands. The bad guys are being foreclosed upon as they borrowed and never paid it back. This goes back a couple hundred years.

Q: Who are you and why should people trust you?
Poof: a long time ago he was being watched and didn’t know it & they came along and asked him if he would help. They picked him because they found they could trust him, he stands behind his word.

Many years ago a lot of gold was stashed all over the planet being preserved for this time in history for taking care of the planet. The U.S. military has a craft that looks like a UFO that can clean the atmosphere that has been photographed over Paris not too long ago.

Q:How do you know that you can trust your sources completely?
Poof: There is a consistency, a path and they stay on that path. It takes years to learn it. There is no such thing as the bad guys winning. No way. If you are the loaner (the Chinese dragons) you can make them pay up. The Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, you name them, they all did it (borrowed) and they are having to pay up now.

Q:What’s the holdup at this point?
Poof: They and to get the bad guys out of the way and that has not been easy because they’ve been in power for so long.

Q:In your opinion, it seems there is a lot of silence now.
Poof: Everyone that knew anything was told to shut up and none of those people will talk to me at this point. That’s OK. I know a dragon.

Q: Is there going to be an election? Is something big going to happen before then?
Poof: It could happen. Everything is done. A week after the people have access to the Fines and Penalty money, Mr. Obama will come out and talk and explain how this country has gone back to the Constitution. No more FED (Reserve). Interpol will be doing the arrests.

Q: Who’s going to be the main voice in all the announcements?
Poof: (Couldn’t understand his answer.) The Chinese insist on the announcements being made because the American people have got to know so they never let this crap happen again. The Act of 1871 took your freedom and you came under the Corporation. There are two different Constitutions and you need to look at the difference, how you became the strawman.

Q: There is going to be a blind side upper lip punch to so many people. What is with all this military activity going on all over the U.S.? Hundreds of tanks moving — is this the good guys?
Poof: Yes, they are getting ready. The military knows exactly what is going on. The Trustee already called the Pentagon and told them to be ready. He called Interpol too and told them to be ready.

Q: How are they going to get the money out to the whole world?
Poof: They have control of the entire new banking system and they already own the FED. Geithner was put in place to keep an eye on Wall Street. He’s one of the good guys (now). A lot of people think otherwise. It is up to us to help others (as the funds are released). If you got into one of those programs, there are 70+ programs that have been real and legit that were frozen over the years that have been freed up now. Last week they moved $350 Trillion into this country from China in money that is all backed by metal. It won’t be Federal Reserve or plastic money. It won’t say Federal Reserve Note at the top of it. It’ll say Treasury.

Q: Who’s quarterbacking bringing peace to the world and ending world hunger and this huge transition that everyone can feel is coming?
Poof: The dragons (Chinese). They have been holding all the gold (money) in the first place.

Q: Who are all the receivers making sure the transition goes smoothly and the world doesn’t break out in utter chaos?
Poof: 195 countries and they all want their money. The Fed Reserve controlled the world not just the U.S. That’s why it took the dragons to destroy it. The World Bank, IMF and all that, is under their control now. A good chunk of the transition has already taken place. It won’t take as long as you might think since so much has already been done. Judge Roberts (U.S. Supreme Court Justice) started doing the paperwork on the U.S. Corporation. He was working with the World Court on that. Obama flew over to Asia with 24 transport planes that were full of gold buddhas and porcelain that these guys had stolen in the 30’s that old man Bush was hiding at that Texas base. It was underground and they went in and got it. (Obama and his camp?) Yes and he gave that stuff back to the Chinese. He’s on the same side with China. Wow! That’s crazy!

Q: What is this going to mean to the American people?
Poof: Can’t be said better than Obama said: The people won’t know freedom like they have known it before. We are back to the Constitution like it should be.

Q: What about debt forgiveness, mortgages, rents, credit card debts & loans, etc.?
Poof: First of all those were all under the Fed Reserve & when you take away the usury most people will have already paid off their debt. There will be new jobs, clean air, clean water, etc. I just know there was $350 Trillion transferred here last week to pay all this stuff off, to do all these programs. The Fines and Penalties money has been sitting up in Canada for three years now.

Q: What programs are valid?
Poof: Leo Wanta, St. Germaine (has 34 trusts down from the main trust) are legitimate, Brussels has been working on the original Nesara, Ben Fulford is touch and go, Cobra, galactic, some info is made up. The dollars are going to be exchanged one for one when it is time. Just leave the money in the bank and it will be swapped one for one in your account. No reason to panic.

Q: All these jackasses that are still claiming to be in power, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the Morgans, the Freemasons are these guys being taken out right and left behind the scenes right now?
Poof: Nathaniel Rothschild has been a problem but the other members of the family are right with it. They paid their debt back to the dragons. The Rothschilds got a call one day, either __?__ or __?__ or we’ll take you down with it. You’d better cooperate because you are not going to like the results if you don’t.

Q: Who’s behind those threats? Would that be Interpol?
Poof: They will do the arrests. China got a hold of them too.

Q: What about the Hague? How are they involved in all this?
Poof: The Hague is doing all the rulings. They are taking care of all the filings for this transition and have for quite a while now. They have been very involved.

Q: When do we take control back of the media? Why are they reporting everything backwards?

Poof: They haven’t been told yet. Nothing is told until they need to know it. Need to know basis. They sat down with the CIA and gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse. We are going back to common law, that will be part of the announcements and if you are a BAR attorney you will not be allowed to practice. No BAR attorneys will be in the government either. You cannot swear to the British crown and operate in this country, another part of the announcements.
Announcements are already written and ready to be read.

Poof: I’ve been at this for over 20 years. I know all about the underground bases around the country.
Q: Who can you trust?
Poof: EU2020; a China newspaper; he listens to Bloomberg in the middle of the night for overseas info.

Q: What gives you faith this is going to happen soon?
Poof: You don’t move $350 Trillion on a maybe.

Q: Does old man Bush still think they can win?
Poof: They are scared shitless. The world will be moving on.

Q: What can you share with me to give me some hope or a nugget?
Poof: It had to be done, it always had to happen. Gold and precious metals, it’s locked in. A couple years ago Rothschild signed off the Fed. That same weekend Obama and his wife went to New York City to go to a play and have dinner with Harry, the Queen’s grandson. Obama was actually working he signed the docs there to release the Fed. The Chinese are using the Fed. Bernanke has already signed his papers. His next job will be one of the governors of the IMF. The dragons are monitoring these guys to make sure they don’t do it again.

Q: How can they trust Bernanke?
Poof: Because Bernanke had done what they told him to do so he gets a job. They made a deal.

Q: Who are the dragons?
Poof: They have been around for a couple thousand years.

Q: Paint a picture of what we have to look forward to over the next 12 months.
Poof: There will be many changes. They will find out how we’ve been slaves and process all this mind control crap we’ve been fed all these years. There will be all kinds of ways to get involved in the global change to help. Free energy is on the way. A box will be put on every home.

Q: How soon will this happen.
Poof: As soon as possible. Big water reclamation is coming also.

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