We Were Never Far From You – The Lord of Sirius April 14, 2012

We Were Never Far From You – The Lord of Sirius April 14, 2012

Channeled by Isabel Henn

People of Earth. The upheavals on your planet are progressing well and will soon be obvious to everyone. Your media will be  converted and can then freely and openly report all events. The first arrests took place. Many more will follow in reaching the thousands. And they will not stop at just your leaders. Those who are already acting now for the good of their people, have nothing to fear. One of them is the American President Barack Obama. He will lead his people into a glorious future and serve as an example for other countries. Your governments are close to the exchange. As a further consequence the abundance programs will be put into effect.

Our ships will intensify their visible overflights by day and night to get the people used to our existence. In parallel, selected representatives of all countries will be invited as guests to our motherships, where they get information and the opportunity to make pictures and videos of us and our ships. Back on Earth, they can pass them to the media and fellow men. Along with what they have to report, these measures will help to dispel the fear and awe in front of us.

We are not here to suppress you or plunder. We have resources in abundance and are therefore not dependent on the resources of the Earth. We are here to assist you. You are members of our families and we are excited to come together and resume with you the good relations that we had in long past ages with the inhabitants of Earth. We were never far from you. We have observed your evolution for thousands of years and as far as it was allowed by the laws of the Universe, intervened from time to time to preserve the planet from destruction.

We are not strangers to you. Many of our own families have incarnated on Earth, to help to spread and anchor the light. To help raising the vibrations and to assist Gaia and humanity during Ascension. Therefore, we can’t wait to land open and reunite with our sons and daughters again. And with the people of Earth, who we also consider as members of our families because we all come from the One Source.

Wait a little bit longer, and have no fear of the many changes that are taking place now. They will lead to an unprecedented freedom and peace of mind and peace, love and prosperity.

I greet you on behalf of the Sirian People. I’m Edre, the Lord of Sirius.

Thank you Mylord


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