NESARA Will Be Announced Next Week !?!

NESARA Will Be Announced Next Week !?!

By: John MacHaffie

This is sourced again from High Level Sources and Intel from deep down the rabbit hole.
These are rumors and not verified. Your Discernment is advised

I have been advised that:
It is alleged that Hillary Clinton, George Bush Jr and George Bush Sr. are under custody arrest for crimes against our constitution republic and illegal theft of funds. These dark cabal rats all have body guards and under protective custody as they are trying to kill each other.It is also alleged — Confirmed that Bill Gates is under custody arrest and his theft of funds has been stopped. The Revaluation program is being tested worldwide to check for anymore ‘back doors’ placed by Bill’s software boys.

It is also alleged that the Bankers of the Federal Reserve Bank are worried about being picked up next.

I also been advised that NESARA will be announced next week and the Restored Republic is waiting in
the wings to take over from the bankrupt and illegal Fed Corp Gov soon after.

The demonic NWO is being defeated by the White Knights and the Good Guys! Thank You White Knights, Galactic Friends, Our Good Military and especially Our LOVING LORD

John MacHaffie HIS Humble Servant


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