Your Multidimensional Operating System

Your Multidimensional Operating System

By Dr Suzan Caroll

April 4, 2012

To function as your full Multidimensional SELF, you must become the Master of Your Energy.

In other words, every thought, emotion, intention and reaction must
be love-based in order to maintain a state of consciousness that is high
enough to read your Multidimensional Operating System. If you cannot
read this system you will not be able to maintain your conscious
perception and interaction with the fifth dimension and beyond. This is
not a punishment, but merely the Law of Resonance. You must consciously
calibrate your attention to a higher frequency in order to consciously
perceive that which was formerly known as “Spirit.”

Spirit is YOU on a higher frequency of expression. In order to remain
in that frequency you will need to dock your earth vessel in that port.
As long as your vessel is docked at the frequency of the port, you will
experience that reality. If your resonance falls below the frequency of
that dock, your vessel will loose its moorings and float away. Do you
see how we are speaking in Light Language? We use metaphors because
words that do not create mental pictures are separate and bind you to
the third dimension. On the other hand, metaphors create thoughts,
emotions and mental images that allow you to understand Light Language.

The higher light of the Galactic Center is now entering your planet
and your earth vessels with great regularity. It is your personal portal
of the Pineal Gland that accepts this light and shares this frequency
with your Pituitary Gland, which in turn shares the new frequency with
all your ductless glands. The ductless glands of your Endocrine System
then share this frequency of light with your entire body via their
internal secretions, which are released throughout your entire earth

The secretions of the Pineal Gland also channel the higher light
directly into the Third Ventricle of your brain, which is known
metaphysically as the Sacred Triangle. The Sacred Triangle is in the
shape of an inverted pyramid, which is surrounded by the choroids
plexus, seen in yellow, and the pineal gland in the center of your
brain, above the brain stem. The Sacred Triangle is the physical
manifestation of your Third Eye.

The choroids plexus is a group of nerves, such as your solar plexus
in your Third Chakra. This region is the primary area where
cerebrospinal fluid is produced. Within the human brain is a connecting
system of ventricles, which are internal cavities of the brain that are
commonly referred to as the ventricular system. Cerebrospinal fluid
fills the ventricles, as well as the spaces around the brain and spinal
cord, to serve as insulation and protection. Hence, the higher light
that enters through the Pineal Gland enters and flows through your body
via your cerebral blood and spinal fluid….

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