Military Troop Movement In The US!!


Military Troop Movement In The US!!

By C K Rich

Troop movements across US. WWIII, or Operation Mailed Fist?

Talks about truckers & trains carrying heavy axillary & told to ‘Prepare For A Catastrophic Event!”
Also FEMA gathering everywhere!…


Ground Zero….

As reported on Ground Zero, troop movements and or
military movements have been reported on Ground Zero for several nights
now. A caller phoned in that she witnessed that largest movement of
Military vehicles, (Tanks, cannons, and other vehicles) through Portland
and then southbound.

Another listener Jim sent us three known videos of this train
From You Tube and the shots from witnesses are nothing short of
breathtaking. Each video shows the movement of Military vehicles not
painted for desert operations, but with digital or city camouflage. The
question is where are these hundreds of vehicles going and for what

Scroll down to the videos…


U.S. Watching Troop Movements – ABC News


More Troop Movements In CONUS


Militarized Drills Continue: Stadiums Prepped to Be Used as Martial Law Staging Centers ….scroll down for video


US Naval and Troop Movements Toward North Africa, Middle East As Syrian Destabilization Escalates

Don’t they all have backwards flag patches on their right shoulders?

Come on Military…Let’s Do This Thing!!!


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