Has Microsoft’s Bill Gates Really Been Arrested?

Has Microsoft’s Bill Gates Really Been Arrested?

In an attempt to either verify or refute what high ranking Pentagon
officials reportedly told investigative reporter Benjamin Fulford about
the arrest of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Kerry Cassidy , of Project
Camelot, contacted Microsoft’s Public Relations department by email
requesting confirmation of this story that is going viral across the
World Wide Web, a medium of information sharing that Gates himself,
whether this story is true or not, will have his name and company
forever connected. The following is the very interesting response
offered by Microsoft.

Hi Kerry, thank you for your patience as I looked into your request. I
have connected with my colleagues and unfortunately we are unable to
accommodate your request at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience
this may cause. Should you need attribution, please attribute to a
Microsoft spokesperson.

This reply is certainly interesting, as at first glance it may appear to be a
formulated response and this request for information was never read
by anyone at Microsoft. However, the fact that this email suggests a
Microsoft spokesperson would be more suited to handle this query leads
me to believe that not only has this email been read, but that there is
likely to be fire beneath all this smoke, as an arrest of the software
giant’s founding father would certainly be a issue for an official
company spokesperson to discuss.

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