Mermaids on the Discovery Channel


Mermaids on the Discovery Channel

Posted By C K Rich 10-28-2012

I rarely watch TV, but tonight I was having a rare moment and was scanning the TV channels to see if there was any cool documentaries on. For the past year or so, I have noticed a large increase in documentaries about “Ancient Aliens” and such.

So as I was scanning the channels I came across the title ‘Mermaids’ on the Discovery Channel. This program aired tonight…Sat night / Sun morning at 12 am. It was a documentary discussing how a group of people, I believe working for NOAA or something had come across a Mermaid in South Africa and how the ‘Elite Shadow Government’ stepped in and had all their evidence removed.

It continued to explain about other such events on the Northwest coast of the United States that had been witnessed by children and teens. Apparently the Navy was very interested in convincing these children and teens that what they saw was a decayed seal, but never knew of the evidence the teens had. Nor did ‘Big Brother’ take specific information/evidence that the group had in South Africa, since it had been made a matter of public record.

In the end they explained how the Governments and militaries are using sonar weapons and using it on the Whales. Apparently the Mermaid’s migrate with the whales and stay in the deep ocean where they think they are safe. But the US Government and military are using the sonar weapons on the whales, which in turn not only kills the whales and dolphins, but also the Mermaids.

It also explained how dolphins work with certain 3rd world fishing villages to help them school up and catch fish. What’s the Dolphins reward? Well their share of the fish spoils of course! But how did these Dolphins learn what to do? The theory is from the Mermaids.

If you have ever wondered where the myths for such creatures as Mermaids, Unicorns etc came from…it was our ‘True Past History’! Yes, they really existed and still do and yes there is proof of it and it is getting out!!

The sad part about all this is that our Governments and militaries are doing everything they can to target these Whales, Dolphins and Mermaids with their sonar weapons and doing everything they can to kill them.

This begs the question….what else is our Governments lying about and who/what else are they trying to kill to keep their secrets??

Please help spread this message and make this information as public as possible so those sleeping sheeple start to wake up!


C K Rich

PS. I also found another not so positive article about these programs on the New York Times.






2 thoughts on “Mermaids on the Discovery Channel

  1. First of all ask your self this question: If something as a mermaid exist why would the government wants to hide it? and why would they want to kill it? what is the benefit for them? or what harm could they get if such things exist.
    I thinks these are just nonsense.

    1. Sina

      I can’t no will I try to change your beliefs or thoughts.

      The truth is…there are many things that exist in our world that the corporate governments of our world have kept hidden…like free energy…advanced technology…the TRUTH about our history & world…the TRUTH about what’s beyond our matrix & our world…among many, many other things.

      There is a reason for this which you will learn soon enough. But until you are awake & open to the TRUTH…it does not matter for you.

      Keep your mind & options open my friend 😉

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