Mayan Prophecy & December 2012 ~ Galactic Federation of Light 8/28/12


Mayan calendar on display at the Museo National de Athropologia in Mexico City, Mexico

Mayan Prophecy & December 2012 ~ Galactic Federation of Light 8/28/12

Channeled through Greg Giles

Corridors are now opening for many of you as you walk down these last halls of the deep labyrinth of your lower dimensional journey, keeping time in perfection with the lessons you are learning, the wisdom you are gaining and the understandings you are reaching. This is how it works. Doors will open for you when you approach them. They do not open for you before you learn the skill sets required to reach them. This universe, your universe, has been designed in such a way as to allow those who have reached certain levels of understanding, growth and maturity to ‘filter’ through, if you will, into higher realms of existence. This universe has been designed in such a way as to allow those who have reached certain levels of their growth and maturity to live amongst each other in a more equitable, peaceful, harmonious, balanced, safe and productive environment.

Here in your world we have an anomaly of this balance and harmony. Here in your world you experience great problems and dis-ease because there are so many here who have reached so many different levels of their spiritual, mental, emotional and even physical growth. Do you understand this clearly? Do you see that there are souls here in your world who simply just do not match each other’s vibrations? Sometimes these vibrations starkly contrast one another and this simply will not do. It does not work. We, the Galactic Federation of Light and your higher evolved ascended family members have discovered and learned through our experience, our research and our studies that this kind of scenario is not productive, is not efficient for the maturation and growth of a spiritual being, not at all, as a matter of fact, our findings conclude that quite the opposite is produced from this kind of environment.

A soul recedes, retards, falls back on behavioral patterns and thought processes. This is what happens when you mix so many different kinds of fish into a small goldfish bowl. This cannot be done, although it has been done here in the goldfish bowl of Earth. We, with your assistance and cooperation, are going to change all this. There is a great master plan at work, a plan so ingenious, so wonderfully conceived that it can only harbor fruitful results, as the planners of this idea, this vision, are some of the greatest minds in this entire universe. This collective of extremely advanced beings collected their thoughts together and pooled their powers of creative manifestation and vision and have derived an ‘escape plan’, if you will, for those of you who wish to take your steps out of this realm, leaving behind those whose frequencies and vibration will perfectly match their neighbors who will remain with them so they can also continue their lessons in a world perfectly suited for them, their growth, their education, and their maturation, and they will still enjoy all of the things that they today enjoy, for their world will remain a perfect match for them.

Try to look at it and think about it this way; there are many things happening in your world today that these individuals who will remain behind in a 3rd dimensional world do not like, and many of these things that they do not like are the thought processes, the actions and the deeds of those of higher dimensional thought and consciousness. Do you see that there are ideas and visions of those of higher dimensional consciousness that they do not agree with, that make them very uncomfortable, even angry, and that cause them to react nastily, hostile, even violently? There are those of you who are more ‘liberal’, and there are those of you who are more , shall we use the term ‘conservative’, and this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

There are those of you who believe races should never interact with each other. Do you think that these individuals belong and deserve to exist within a higher dimensional realm where not only are there different skin colors, but there are different kinds of beings from all over this universe whose differences go far beyond skin color, as skin color is as you say, only skin deep, but here in the deeper stretches of this universe there are beings whose physical, mental and emotional constructs are completely different from others. How do you think these racist individuals would handle existing within a higher dimensional realm?  Do you think that they may almost lose their minds or perhaps lash out in violence and attempt to hurt others? Yes, this would be very likely, and this certainly can be demonstrated here in your world as there are very many who yet to this day lash out at others merely because they possess a differing skin color.

This is just one example of why there are those who cannot make this trip with you, who cannot be given the keys to the dimensional doorways. This cannot be. Your universe your Creator has created for you is a perfect universe, a miraculous universe, and this universe cannot be soiled, mitigated and destroyed by those of a lower dimensional consciousness who have not learned to live in peace and harmony and with respect for one another. No, this will not do and we, the Galactic Federation of Light, are the protectors of these doorways. We are the guardsmen, we are the gatekeepers, and we will make sure that we will keep out all of those that do not belong here with us and with those of you who will be gracing these entranceways in the very near days ahead.

By ‘in the near days ahead’ we do not mean tomorrow, but we certainly do not mean years from now. These doorways will come available for you in the coming months. Is that exciting dear ones? We feel many of you will be excited upon this news. This news has not been officially granted to you, as there are many mitigating circumstances and there are many events that may change this, as we assure you and have all along, timelines are extremely fluid, changing and experiencing metamorphosis throughout each and every one of your given days, but we will say to you that our research and our monitoring services have concluded that these dimensional doorways will open for some of you in the next few months. This means roughly give or take December of your year 2012, a month that should not surprise very many of you, as we understand, many of you have been fixated upon this month of this year for quite some time now, even going back thousands of years throughout many of your past incarnations.

The Maya who have prophesied this coming month of December and this year of 2012 were some of those who are today members of your society. Does this surprise you as well dear ones, that some of you who took part in the conception, design and construction of your Mayan Calendar are walking amongst you today? They may even be reading these words today, what do you think about that? Do you find that interesting? There are many more wonderful insights into who you are, and we look forward to sharing these insights with you as time goes by and not just all at once, as we like to give you bits and pieces, hints and clues from time to time. We feel that you would prefer it that way as it makes it quite fun, does it not?

So some of you were members of the Mayan civilization back thousands of years ago. For some reason you at that time as a citizen of the Mayan society understood that December of 2012 may be a time period where great change would come upon this world and upon you. Why did you know that? How did you know that? These are questions we would like you to think about. Do you think that it is possible that the Mayan people, ancient in many ways comparative to your growth and maturity today, had connections somehow to the higher dimensional realms and their higher dimensional families, perhaps the same sort of connections that you today have?

What would these connections be today? Are we standing face-to-face with you, sharing this information with you? Are we directly publishing this information to you through magazines, books or through television? No, we are not. We are sharing with you these insights through our channels, and it was thousands of years ago that members of your Mayan civilization acted as channels of our higher dimensional communications and passed this information that they were receiving from us to their brothers and sisters, to those who accepted this information as truth, as accurate, and believed so much in it that they constructed great pyramids and calendars to mark the time period that their channels prophesied would be a period of great change for humanity and the planet.

What do you think about that dear ones? Do you find that surprising that much of the advanced information that your scholars, your architects, your researchers and your scientists cannot figure out how the Maya attained, possessed and shared with the world through their stone architecture to this very day was actually given to them by us, their higher dimensional family members of the Galactic Federation of Light, the same beings who today are passing similar insightful information to you through our channels? Would it further surprise you that at least some of our channels today that are sharing this information from us to you are the same channels that walked among the Maya as one of them thousands of years ago in your Central American region of your world?

This is all we have to share with you today, and we say to you that there are marvels of insight and information awaiting those of you with minds open to receive, just as there are many great doors before you that will open for those of you who have prepared yourselves and have earned the right to step through them. We are your higher dimensional ascended families who today again send messages of love and light, vision and insight through our channels who again walk among you as one of you, for indeed they are. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

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