Love, Respect and Oneness: Our True Religions

Love, Respect and Oneness: Our True Religions

Written by Wes Annac

I’ve been noticing a common theme in my own Life and in the expressions of many on the internet, and this theme is that of all that has been based in an illusory, physical experience, being disintegrated before our very eyes. For me personally, this has been quite a difficult process as I personally work through the final lessons I have given myself in this Life and am coming face-to-face with those last few aspects of myself ready to be transmuted and Loved.

Plenty of sources have been speaking of the lower entities who reside within the astral realms of our world and make themselves known through getting those of us on Earth to express the lower energies that would be bringing them through. These energies would include those of disrespect, angst, hate and fear among other traits that only bind one to the lower dimensional experience.

Those very influences are what we are growing out of and as this happens, the influence of these lower beings who have been misleading and deceiving so many for so very long, are themselves faded away more and more as such beings lose the feeding and stealing of the energies of the souls whom such beings have always attempted to bring down to their realms through getting them to feed the energies spoken of above.

For some, a part of growing out of their own lower mindsets has been finding that which they perceive to be falsities, and pointing such perceived falsities out for others to hopefully benefit from. The problem with doing this is that nobody quite knows just exactly what is and isn’t ‘truth’.

Let’s take a look at our very definition of ‘truth’ in this current society. Many people assume that something must either be ‘real’ or ‘fake’ and many are continually looking either to validate something or to disprove the reality of something that they have been exposed to. Duality is thrown into play exponentially whenever one only looks to prove or disprove something, and the energies we let into ourselves by continually attempting to do so are only hurtful to our spirit complexes.

Perhaps I should explain a bit more.

There is quite a difference between using discernment and trying to prove or disprove the validity of something, as with using discernment there is a balance that is still in play. Discernment is not trying to find flaws or poke holes in whatever one is being discerning of; discernment is looking for that which is genuine and resonates with one’s spirit complex, and discarding that which isn’t. That is all!

You see that there is no need for scrutiny or slander when using discernment, as discernment is simply using and integrating what is helpful for you along your path and knowing that the rest is unneeded to you, but might be helpful to another along their path in unique ways….

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