Listen Intently to the Promptings of Your Hearts ~ Archangel Michael Channeled by Ron Head

Listen Intently to the Promptings of Your Hearts ~ Archangel Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

Once more we return to speak with you in these ever increasing frequencies of love and light.  There is a period of slightly more than a week now during which you will feel these building once again.  You have reached the end of a period of integration which allowed you a little rest from the constant build-up.  There will be more of these periods, but you are becoming better able to assimilate the information and entrain on the higher energies.

It may be some little while before many of you manifest obvious changes in your mental, emotional, and physical selves.  Others will notice it almost immediately.  Rest assured that your fields will have received and absorbed the new light.  Were this not the case, you would not be reading these messages, for they would make no sense to you.

Please attach no significance to whether you notice any major change in your selves at this time.  You are not yet able to see the future you have planned for yourselves nor the immense collection of past experiences of which you are now the result.  You cannot, in most cases, understand fully yet the part you have chosen to play in the unfolding of this event that you call ‘the shift of the ages’.

Rest assured that you are now exactly where you need to be to experience the fullness of your awakening.  You are exactly where you need to be to best contribute to the divine plan which is now manifesting.  Learn now to listen intently to the promptings of your hearts.  Live in your heart, walk in your heart, speak from your heart.  In all things allow your heart to be your guide.  In that space you will hear your guides, your angels, and your divine self lovingly guiding your every step.

Perhaps you are one who hears these as voices and perhaps not.  There are other ways of hearing, my dear sisters and brothers.  Perhaps you are one who sees what is put before you and perhaps not.  There are other ways of seeing.  The important thing is that, if you are living from your heart, you will come to know what is needed.  You will find the courage to do what you need to do.  You will find peace.  You will find such love as you have never felt before in this lifetime.

More and more you are finding this to be true and you are allowing this to become the dominant state of your lives.  This is indeed what is changing your world before your eyes, and the momentum is building now as never before.  You may be experiencing some of your personal changes as challenges, dear ones.  Please decide to use them as reasons to celebrate instead.  It will make your steps much easier for you.  Most of you will now be able to feel our presence quite strongly if you reach out in your quiet moments and ask.  This also will make your days more peaceful and the changes in your bodies and minds easier to get through.

We await your asking with great love and anticipation.  Spread baskets of smiles wherever you walk this day and we will speak again tomorrow.  Good day.

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