I am a Light Worker ~ Part 2 ~ I work for the Light

I am a Light Worker ~ Part 2 ~ I work for the Light

Sophia Love, 06/26/2012


I have thought deeply about what it is to work for the light. I ran across this meditation:


I really like it; it is not too different than what I already practice.  Yet this light work goes beyond meditation.  We are physical beings, here to transform a planet.

We have a world to illuminate.  There is only one place to begin.  It is your own heart.  Sometimes when I see what I imagine is a good sale, I buy cheap batteries.  What happens is that they work great – for a minute or two.  When they inevitably run down, I end up buying batteries again, only this time I get the ones that last.

The time we are entering is the time of stocking up.  We’ve been told of food and dry goods shortages – yet what about the rest?  We will not go where we intend with cheap batteries.  We need to shore up our supply of agape.

Agape is the source of your light.  Source loved you into being and chose to experience that love through your life. You have come in this time now to share your light in what has been a very dark place.  It will take strength, tenacity and vigilance.  You will need to be absolute in your convictions.

Love is what you are.  It is the answer to every question.  Walk today with your head held high as the being of light that you are.  You can’t help but illuminate the darkness when you are filled with self love.  Love will emanate from your pores and the stronger you believe this truth, the further it will go.

It is not selfish to love yourself.  It is a necessary pre-requisite for you to do the work you came to do.  You are a light worker.  You work for the light.  The specific actions of your job are suited to your unique temperament and skill.  They are yours alone, no one can do the job you are here now to do.  You have come for this.

Love yourself without condition.  We know the truth now – the dark has been a lie – it is light that is true.  The dark cannot put out the light; it is the other way around.

There is nothing you can do to disappoint Source.  You are perfection – perfectly chosen to be where you are right now.  Trust.  Love.  No exceptions.  No mistakes.  We’ve just been practicing.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

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